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Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has now launched several of their web servers and their land related activities are being conducted in a completely digital manner. In this situation, you as a citizen of Bangladesh can submit all kinds of information related to land registration through online, starting from land development tax. The website that will help you the most is www land gov bd.

You are going to get detailed information about www land gov bd website how to work, how to operate this website and how to conduct every activity online through this website through today’s article. So you must try to follow our instructions properly so that you can enter the official website without any complications and collect all the information related to the land online.


At the beginning of the discussion, we have shared an official link with you and if you look at this link, you will see that the official website of Bangladesh Land Ministry is given. After entering the website, you will see different categories in front of you, from there you must select the work you need, which category should be selected accordingly. Because of which we have shared with you here a list of all their categories.Screenshot-2023-04-26-at-7-22-18-AM


ভূমি উন্নয়ন কর

স্মার্ট ভূমি রেকর্ড ও ম্যাপ

স্মার্ট ভূমি নকশা

মর্টগেজ তথ্য যাচাই

If you look a little, you will see several categories in the upper part and you can collect the information you need by clicking on the category you need. Now we have shared here with you the information about how to work consistently in each category. After going to the homepage of the official website, all these categories will be shown in front of you and from there you have to select the right rules.

www.land.gov bd আর এস খতিয়ান

Now you can get your land certificate through www land gov bd but you have to follow several rules. We have shared the special link for you to enter their website and information about how to get RS khatian.

If you have already opened an account, you must login using the correct username and password as soon as you click on the link provided here. After logging in to the website, you will see the RS Khatian option in front of you and once you click on it, the Khatian number of your land is shown. In this way, a person can find out his correct land certificate from online.

www.land.gov.bd Map

In today’s digital age, you can now have the ability to get the map of your land online. However, in this case, you should know the correct information about how to get the map of your land in addition to entering the official website of the Ministry of Land. As a land owner it is most important for you to have a map of your land so that you can play all kinds of significant roles in buying and selling land.Screenshot-2023-04-26-at-7-22-04-AM

To get the land map online first you need to enter the website https://map.land.gov.bd/. After entering the website, several options will appear in front of you, from there you must click on the online land map option. Enter all information related to your division, district, upazila, mauza number, seat number and plot appropriately. If the information you use is correct, the land map will be provided in front of you as soon as it is submitted. If you want, you can download the online copy of the land map from here.

Since now all activities are being done directly online, you must complete each activity based on the official website of the Ministry of Lands based on the instructions given here. Moreover, so far the proper work of this website has not been completed and it is assumed that all activities will be completed soon and every user can use it properly.

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