Airtel Minute Pack Offer 2024 with Code

The new year is good news for Airtel customers as these mobile operators have unveiled minute offers this year as compared to the previous year where a number of amazing offers are available at affordable prices. 

As a mobile user in our daily life, we try to keep in touch with family and friends through voice calls.  That’s why we usually want more minutes at lower cost.

If you are an Airtel customer then you know that Airtel offers the lowest call rate in the country as well as the lowest priced minute offer.  In today’s discussion we will show you GP’s minute offer and code to activate this offer.

Airtel Minute Offer BD

The people of Bangladesh like to talk with their nearest and dearest friends and family. In this case, they always buy new minute offer. Airtel’s minute offers are divided into Daily Weekly and Monthly.  You can buy minutes depending on the dawn.  But keep in mind that many more minutes will be available in less time. 

We have compiled a short list of Airtel’s minute offers as well as detailed discussions of each minute offer.  You can choose any offer of your choice and purchase it at a fair price.

Airtel Daily Minute Pack

The Airtel subscribers like to talk daily. For them, the operator has published some interesting lowest budget offer.

Be happy to know that Airtel has launched Daily Minute Pack. This mini package is valid for only 24 hours.  For those customers who wanted to buy Airtel minutes for 5 tk, it is a pity that all the mobile operators in the country have increased the minute rate due to the increase in the price of the product which has resulted in the pack .


Airtel Minute Pack 5 Tk

Airtel subscribers usually feel comfortable buying minutes at a lower cost.  If you are an Airtel prepaid customer then good news for you because a short message has been sent to your mobile where there is information to buy 5 minutes per minute.  We have provided below Airtel 5 Minute Purchase Information below.

You have to dial *121*8# to activate 12 Minutes by purchasing 8 Tk only. The pack validity is only for 12 Hours. Even you can not added the new expire date.

Airtel Minute Offer 10 Tk

Airtel’s 30 minute offer at Tk 10 is currently discontinued but a new offer has been launched where you will get 30 minutes at Tk 18.  You need to dial *121*18# to activate this pack and you will get 24 hours as its validity.

Weekly Minute Pack

For those customers who are not willing to use the minutes of a day, Airtel has made available a number of attractive weekly minute offers for a week-long period.  These offers are great for those who want to talk to your friends and other relatives for a long time.


Monthly Minute 30 Days

Among them are Airtel launching several 30-day minute packs for those who have been talking for a long time.  In all these minutes running throughout the month you will be able to talk at such a low call rate as well as get a longer duration. 

So if you want to use the month-long minutes, without wasting time, the winning list given below, take out the offer of your choice from there and buy it in due time.

Airtel 18tk 30 Minute Pack

The call rate is being increased every year by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Company due to which the price of minutes has been increasing with time. 

However, from this point of view, Airtel is ahead of all because even after the price hike, the call rate of this mobile operator has not increased much so far. 

Due to which you can buy Airtel minutes at low cost.  Airtel has recently released an ad through several TV channels where we see that it is possible to buy 30 minutes at Airtel with 18 taka so all Airtel customers who want to activate this offer should follow the instructions below. 

To receive the offer, you must be an Airtel prepaid user and go to the dial option on your mobile and dial *121*18# as USSD code.

Airtel Minute Check Code

You have purchased any one minute pack from Airtel but the most important thing for you is how to check this minute.  In order to inform many of us that this information is unknown, we have discussed here the Airtel Minute Check Code.  You need to dial to check any minute offer and balance of Airtel.

  • Balance check for Press *788*0#
  • Internet Balance check for dail *8444*88#
  • VAT, SD, SC included in bundle prices.

Terms and Conditions 

  • You can activate these Airtel minute packs by dialing USSD code or by mobile recharge. 
  • A customer can purchase multiple time offers. 
  • The minute offers can be used anytime 24 hours a day. 
  • These packs are applicable for any mobile operator call across the country. 
  • If you have minutes in your balance and it expires, your minute expiration will increase if you re-purchase the package. 
  • All the minute offers that have to be purchased through work will not be added to the main balance of the mobile.

After all, we want to say that Airtel, the second largest mobile telecom operator in the country, has been offering minute offers, internet and all other offers for a long time due to its large position in telecommunication. 

The information provided above is based on the latest Airtel official website and information, but the authorities may change it at any time. In this case, you must get regular updates from our website.


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