Banglalink Incoming/Outgoing Call Off/On Code 2023

Banglalink, one of the most popular mobile telecom operators in the country, has launched a new feature for all its prepaid and postpaid customers. Are you bothering to receive a call from an unknown number, or if an employee is getting married and receiving an extra call while you are at an office meeting, you must be willing to turn off all incoming calls.

Banglalink has recently launched a new service that allows us to turn off any incoming and outgoing calls to Banglalink. This way you can avoid annoying calls from all the unknown numbers that are coming from unknown numbers due to busyness.

However, it is unfortunate that there are many Bengali users who are not aware of this issue. In order to inform all those people, we have discussed in detail how to turn off Bengali incoming and outgoing calls. But before we start the discussion, we would like to tell you that if you start this service, you will be deducted from your main balance by 10 rupees per month.

Airtel Incoming Call Off Code

Based on today’s discussion, you can learn how to turn off incoming calls to banglalink. In addition, all the information on how to restart the incoming call after it is closed is presented here. So you should read our article thoroughly and try to compile the important information discussed here.

Banglalink Incoming Call Off Code

We have presented all the information in detail here for those of you who want to call off the incoming call of Banglalink. Recently Banglalink authorities have provided special facilities for their users where we can see in the new campaign that all types of incoming calls are now being stopped.

GP Incoming/Outgoing Call On/Off Code

  • Go to your dial pad *21*019#.
  • Then the service will be activated.

Banglalink Call Barring Code

Recently Banglalink SIM Authority has introduced their all barring system that allows you to block all types of incoming and outgoing calls due to call batting. If you don’t know how to call banglalink, then we have written this part of this article for you.

Teletalk Incoming/Outing Call Off On Code

  • Banglalink Incoming Call Barring Code *35*0000#. To deactivate this service you should dial #35*0000#.
  • Banglalink Outgoing Call Barring Code *33*0000#. To deactivate this service you should dial #33*0000#.

We have collected all the above information from the official website of Bangla Link. So you can easily collect our information and use it for a long time. Banglalink prepaid customers can avail this service but those who have purchased a new SIM get the opportunity to use the service for free.


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