GP Incoming & Outgoing Call Off/On Code 2023 – All Incoming Call Barring Code

This telecommunication operator is going to launch a special feature for Grameenphone users. If you have recently seen new advertisements of GP or their official website, you will understand that Grameenphone has launched a great feature which is incoming outgoing call on off.

Because of the use of mobile phones, we each use a GP SIM on each of our mobile phones. Your Grameenphone number is constantly receiving calls from different parts of the country from numbers saved in your contact list or from unknown numbers. On the other hand, you are calling to communicate with someone in your personal need.

Grameen Phone’s incoming and outgoing call system has helped us a lot in communicating our lives. But in many cases we want such incoming and outgoing calls not to come to our phone. We will keep our mobile phone on but there will be no incoming or outgoing calls from all the SIMs in our phone.

GP has launched a new feature that will really fill your mind. Now Grameenphone customers can easily turn off their incoming and outgoing calls. This makes it much easier to block a stranger’s call or annoying call.

So in today’s article we are going to inform you about all the means available to turn off all Grameenphone calls. However, for your information, this service can be started with a specific code and can be stopped with a specific code. So you will read our whole article and try to do the right thing by collecting the information given here.

GP All Incoming Call Block Code

There is good news for those of you who want to block unwanted calls as a Grameenphone user. You get the special opportunity to block all incoming calls for a month through just seven taka. This way, no incoming calls will come to your mobile number even after your phone is turned on.

Teletalk All Call Off/On Code

  • First dial * 21 * 017 # from the dial pad option of your mobile.
  • We hope that your all incoming call has blocked.

Permanently Blocking a Number Code

There are many people who are using Grameenphone but are much annoyed by the calls coming from their unwanted or unknown numbers. Which is why you want to get rid of all the numbers permanently. So that there is no incoming or outgoing call from these numbers.

To activate to the call block service go to your mobile message option and type Start CB and send to 25678. For USSD code dial *121*6*4*1#

To unsubscribe go to the message option and type Stop CB and send to 25678. For USSD code dial *121*6*4*4#.


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