Teletalk Incoming & Outgoing Call Off/On Code 2023

Teletalk is the most popular and only government telecom operator in Bangladesh. This mobile telecommunication operator is able to win the hearts of Bangladeshi customers with its powerful network and low cost internet SMS and minute packs. Due to its widespread popularity, Teletalk operators have launched a variety of facilities for the convenience of their customers.

As a result, customers are so satisfied with the operator that they are gradually joining Teletalk as new customers. Launched by various ads, you may be aware of this service. We often turn off our mobile phones to avoid any kind of busyness or annoying calls.

Usually we can’t do all the other applications that have tiger activity in our mobile to keep the mobile off. However, for your convenience, Teletalk operators have come up with special opportunities for their users. You can now easily turn off all incoming and outgoing calls on your phone without having to hang up.

Today we are going to share with you detailed information about how to turn off incoming and outgoing calls of Teletalk and how to turn it on next time. So those of you who want to use this service must read our entire article and then try to find a way.

Teletalk Incoming Off/On Code

If each of us has a Teletalk SIM on our mobile phone and that SIM number is with our various relatives and friends. Our numbers may come from different parts of the country for different needs. However, in many cases you are not able to receive any incoming calls due to your busy schedule. In this case you have to keep the mobile phone on and keep all types of incoming calls off.

So that you can pay full attention to who you are. We have special arrangements for those of you who want to block incoming calls from Teletalk. If you are interested in turning off Teletalk’s incoming calls, read the section below.

  • Go to your mobile dial pad and dial *35*0000#.
  • In reply, your all incoming call will be off.

You can turn on all incoming calls from Teletalk by dialing this code number. But many times we don’t want to use it for a long time because Teletalk authorities will deduct 10 rupees per month from your main balance to stop this incoming call. For those of you who want to re-enter Teletalk’s incoming call, we are going to talk specifically about how to turn it on after turning off Teletalk’s incoming call.

To deactivate this call barring option go to your phone’s dial bar and dial #35*0000#.

Teletalk Outgoing Call On/Off Code

In addition to incoming calls, there are many who want to block all outgoing calls from Teletalk. There is no reason to be discouraged because Teletalk authorities have made it easy for their users to turn on and off all of Teletalk’s outgoing calls if you wish.

Dial *33*0000# to activate all outing call off.

For those who are not interested in using this service for a long time after launching this service, the outgoing call on Teletalk system is also mentioned here. So you must read this part to know about making outgoing calls on Teletalk.

To deactivate this service dial #33*0000#. Now you will be able to make outgoing calls.


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