Bhairab to Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Those of you who have decided to take train from Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka. I would say he made the right decision. Because trains are very well known and standard vehicles of Bangladesh. You all know that train is a government vehicle of Bangladesh where there is no difficulty in traveling. And many benefits can be enjoyed by traveling by train.

All the advantages that you will get from traveling are that you can travel by train very comfortably without any fatigue or physical illness. And you can travel from Bhairabpur to Dhaka in very low cost, only by train.

Many intercity and mail express trains run from Bhairabpur to Dhaka. Intercity and Mail Express trains are the best means of trains in Bangladesh. You don’t have to be disappointed with the train on this route as you can get Dhaka gumi train at Bhairab Bazar station anytime. So without further ado, know the Internagar and Mail Express train schedule.

Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka Train Schedule



Train Name Mahanagar Twilight (703)
Departure from Bhairav ​​Bazaar at 19:44
Reached Dhaka at 21:25
Holidays: None

Train Name Parbatya Express (710)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 20:35
Reached Dhaka at 22:40
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name Mahanagar Express (721)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 17:10
Reached Dhaka at 19:10
Holiday: Sunday

Name of the train is Egaro Sindhu Prabhati (738).
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 08:10
Reached Dhaka at 10:40
Holidays: None

Train Name Upban Express (740)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at :04:47
Reached Dhaka at 06:45
Holidays: None

intercity trains run from Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka route as per this schedule.

Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

Train Name Dhaka Mail (01)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at :04:27
Reached Dhaka at 06:55
Holidays: None

Train Name Karnaphuli Express (03)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 16:30
Reached Dhaka at 19:45
Holidays: None

Train Name Surma Express (10)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at :05:07
Reached Dhaka at 09:15
Holidays: None

Train Name Dhaka Express (10)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at :02:17
Reached Dhaka at 06:40
Holidays: None

Train Name Titus Commuter (33)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at :05:57
Reached Dhaka at 08:30
Holidays: None

These mail express trains are regularly plying on this route as per the scheduled time. The trains mentioned here will be available at the station every day of the week.

If you want to go to Dhaka from Bhairab Bazar by these trains. Then you have to know these times well. Because if you can’t remember these times well. Then you may not get love at the station. So know the times well. And you will get only if you appear at the station as per that time.

Bhairab Bazar to Dhaka Train Fare List:

No matter which route you travel by train in Bangladesh, you can travel by train at a much lower fare than other modes of transport, so you don’t have to pay much fare to travel from Bhairabpur to Dhaka. You can travel on these trains for a minimum to maximum fare of Tk 85-351.


There are many categories in a train and different benefits can be enjoyed in that category. You will get seat from Shobhan in the lowest category of these trains for Rs.85. And if you want to take advantage of the AC berth in the highest seat category. Then you have to pay 351 rupees for that seat in return you can enjoy the maximum benefits of the trains.


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