Poradah to Rajshahi Train Schedule & Ticket Price Online Booking

Are you looking for Poradah to Rajshahi train schedule and ticket fare list? But I would say you have come to the right place. As we are going to reveal in this article. About Poradah to Rajshahi train schedule and ticket fare list. Which may be very important for you to know.

Also you can know some tips related to trains from our article. Which will help you a lot in train journey across Bangladesh. More or less trains are seen running on every route in Bangladesh. Similarly, there are many trains on the Poradah to Rajshahi route. Which are constantly moving towards Rajshahi.

All these trains are operated as per the order of Bangladesh Railway Office. The Bangladesh Railway office is a fully public institution. Due to which every train in Bangladesh is called Govt.

As the trains of Bangladesh are official, common people can enjoy many benefits by traveling in these trains. One of the most important facilities is the fare. People can travel by train with very low fares. Which is never possible in other vehicles by renting so little money. So those of you who don’t know about the train schedule and fare list of Poradah to Rajshahi route. They instantly know about the train schedule and fare list of these routes.

Poradah to Rajshahi Train Schedule


Train Name Kapotaksh Express (715)
Time left from cremation :09:37
Reach Rajshahi at 12:00 PM
Holiday: Saturday

Train Name Madhumati Express (715)
17:20 time left from cremation
Reach Rajshahi at 20:20
Holiday: Tuesday

These trains run regularly from Poradah to Rajshahi. Due to which there is no disruption to the train passengers of this route. Passengers can catch the trains only if they arrive at the station according to the times that you noticed here. So if you want to go to Rajshahi through these trains. In that case you have to keep those times in mind.

Poradah to Rajshahi Train Ticket Fare List:

You don’t have to pay much fare to travel from Poradah to Rajshahi. Because the train already charges a lot of money. But these trains have different cabins. Which have different benefits. And with different fares you can enjoy different facilities in each cabin.

All the cabins in these trains are, Sobhan, Sobhan Division, First Seat, Snigdha. These trains have all these categories. So if you want to go for the lowest fare of these trains. But you have to take seat from the decorative section. You will have to pay 130 rupees as a result of journey from Sobhon section.


And if you want to enjoy maximum benefits of these trains. In that case you have to take AC seat. To take AC City you have to pay 305 taka rent. Which is very less. If you want to come from Poradah to Rajshahi by other vehicles. In that case you have to pay double the rent. You have seen all the seat categories in these trains. No matter which section you want to take seat within it.

According to that seat category you have to purchase the ticket from the ticket counter. Because without a ticket you cannot take a train journey. So definitely buy tickets according to your preferred category before train journey. You have got the train related information from our article. All these information are collected from Bangladesh Railway official website. We disclose this information for your convenience only. It is easier for you to understand at night.

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