Bhairab to Mymensingh Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Currently all the trains that are running in Bangladesh. All those trains are currently built in a very advanced and standard environment. Every train is now driven by a much improved and faster engine. More or less trains are seen running on every route in Bangladesh. The trains are operated by the government.

Train is a state vehicle. And as a state vehicle, every person of this country gets a lot of benefits through train travel. People can reach their destination in much less time by traveling by train. And the most important thing is the rent.

Because the movement of all the vehicles in Bangladesh. You can travel by train at the lowest fare among all those vehicles. And you can make a quality journey by train. Like every route there are almost a few trains plying on Bhairab Bazar to Mymensingh route. If you want to know about the train of this route and its schedule and ticket fare. Then you have come to the right place.

As we are going to reveal here. About Bhairab Bazar to Mymensingh train schedule and ticket fare list. Those who don’t know the information about these trains. They can easily find out. From our article.

Bhairab to Mymensingh Train Schedule

The trains that run from Bhairab Bazar to Mymensingh are running on time according to the instructions given by the Bangladesh Railway, due to which the people on this route do not have to face any difficulty regarding the timing of the train.

So know the schedule of these trains.


Train Name Vijay Express (785)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 12:20
Reach Mymensingh at 15:55
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name Isha Khan Express (39)
Departs from Bhairav ​​Bazar at 16:05
Reach Mymensingh at :21:25
Holidays: None

These two trains are always running this routine as per the scheduled time so if you want to go to Mymensingh by these trains then you have to be present at the station platform according to this time. Because you cannot catch the trains without this time or after the time. So you have to appear at the station on time.

There are two services on this route, you can choose any train according to your timing. Trains run twice. So you can take any train according to your timing.

Bhairab to Mymensingh Train Ticket Price

You can travel on any train on every route in Bangladesh at a low fare. Bangladesh Railway Office has given this facility. If we want to go from Bhairav ​​Bazar to Mymensingh by any other vehicles. Then he has to pay the fare for the journey in that vehicle. And have to pay a lot of rent. But if you are traveling by Bhairab Bazar to Mymensingh train. Then you will notice. As a result of the train journey, the fare has to be paid much less than that.


So it is a great benefit for common people. Common people have benefited a lot as a result of train travel. They can go anywhere in the country with little money. Due to which they cost less money and can be economically viable for train passengers.

To go from Bhairav ​​Bazar to Mymensingh first you need to collect tickets. You will notice by going to the ticket counter of the station. There is a rent list. You will purchase tickets from there as per that fare list. To make a train journey, first you need to purchase a ticket. You can’t travel by train without a ticket. So definitely buy the ticket before boarding the train.

Hope you have understood what to do to get to Mymensingh from Bhairav ​​Bazar by train. So I think there will be no more difficulties in the train journey.


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