Jamuna Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Tracking, Code 2023

From Dhaka to Tarakandi Road, one can see the movement of many people who go to various jobs. But we all need to know what is dangerous and what is beneficial in the movement of all these people. On the way, there are many accidents that are very dangerous for people, so every person needs a safe journey to escape from all these pictures.

So in search of this safe journey, the first thing that comes to our mind is the train. Because traveling by train has many benefits and avoids many dangers. Train journey usually avoids road jams or broken road joists which is very good for human body.

Also the train runs at a fixed speed and on a fixed route so there is no chance of any accident with other vehicles so people can be safe from all these accidents from the train journey.

So those of you who constantly travel from Dhaka to Tarakandi. They also need to choose train as a journey. So those of you who ply the Tarakandi route may not know about the Yamuna Express train schedule and fare list. They should read our complete article carefully. Information you didn’t know about Yamuna Express train schedule and fare.

Jamuna Express Train Schedule

All the trains that run from Dhaka to Tarakandi. Each of these trains has a specific time. At which time it will leave from Dhaka station and reach Tarakandi station as per specified time. Therefore every train passenger should know the time when the trains leave.

Because if the passengers do not know the train time correctly, they will not be able to catch the train. Or if you fail to arrive at the station at the scheduled train time, you will not be able to travel on these trains. Because the delay will cause the Allready train to leave for its destination on time. So every passenger must know about the train schedule. So without further delay, know the Yamuna Express train schedule immediately.


(Dhaka to Tarakandi)
Departure time: 16:45
Arrival time : 22:55
Holidays: No

(Tarakandi to Dhaka)
Departure time :02:00
Arrival time :07:45
Holidays: No

You have noticed the Yamuna Express train schedule here. As per this time the train departs from Dhaka to Tarakandi and you have also noticed the timings from Tarakandi also to Dhaka. So those of you who want to travel on this Yamuna Express train. They must know these times well.

Jamuna Express Train Ticket Fare List:

We all know that all the trains that run in Bangladesh, first of all every change passenger has to buy cricket to travel in these trains. So those of you who are going to Tarakandi from Dhaka must buy this Yamuna Express train ticket.

You will get different categories of tickets in Yamuna Express train. which have to pay different rents. So check the Yamuna Express train fare from which category.


Decoration: 185 rupees rent
Decorative chair: 220 Tk
First seat: Tk 295 fare
First berth: 440 taka fare
Snigdha: 420 rupees rent
AC Seat : Rent 506 Tk
AC Berth: Rent Rs.754

We have revealed the Yamuna Express train fares for each category. You can board this Yamuna Express train according to your convenience. Or by purchasing tickets from any category according to your ability.

From Dhaka you can leave Tarakandi country and if you want to leave Tarakandi for Dhaka. In that case, the same amount of fare has to be paid or the ticket has to be purchased with the same amount.

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