Bilirubin Test Price in Bangladesh

Generally, medical services are quite expensive in Bangladesh. Many people suffer a lot for this medical service. Just like the test we are going to talk about today, we suffer a lot for this test, but this very simple test takes so little money and can be tested in such a short time that many may not know.

The amount of jaundice in your body is determined by the bilirubin test. Your body has been sick for a long time, you are starving, you can’t eat anything and you have frequent fevers. The body is getting a lot weaker. What you should do in this situation is to seek the help of a doctor and if that doctor gives you a bilirubin test, you should read our article if you know anything about that test.

When do Bilirubin Test?

I have given a little idea above when you have anorexia which means you will not like to eat too much no matter what you eat and you may feel nauseous after eating. Your body may become very dry and you may have a fever at some point in the day.

In addition, the whole body may turn yellow and if the color of the urine becomes completely yellow, you can seek the help of a doctor and you will have to undergo this test when the doctor gives you this bilirubin test i.e. jaundice test. Because the symptoms you have come up with indicate that you may have jaundice.

What to do if Bilirubin Test report is bad?

Jaundice is a very simple disease if caught early. Almost all people have jaundice once or twice a year. A person may have jaundice, usually due to eating out regularly and drinking low quality water and being exposed to excessive sun heat.

But when you test and see that the amount of jaundice is a little more, that is, jaundice is not too much, but there is, then you will be healthy without any kind of general treatment. Stay at home. Try to stay in the room all the time and try to drink coconut water if you can. However, if the amount is too much, you must do many tests next and protect your liver.

There are many unknown things about Bilirubin Test

This test is a simple test but people have a lot of speculation about this test. I have come up with some information for those of you who are in a lot of tension with bilirubin test and are very worried about the report of bilirubin test.

The first thing is that you need to donate blood to test for bilirubin and nothing else.

You can receive this bilirubin test report within a maximum of 30 minutes.

It will cost you very little money to do the test. If you go to a government hospital, you can do it for very little money.

If the report is a little bad, if you are in bed rest at home, it will get better without medicine. If it is a little worse, you can take medicine as per the doctor’s advice.

Bilirubin Test Cost

A test that is extremely popular and extremely common. The more we do tests in the hospital, the more we try to treat this disease by showing herbal medicine or Kabiraj around the house.

The maximum cost for those who want to get a binirubin test from a government hospital can be Rs 60 and for those who want to get a birrubin test from a private hospital such as Popular Diagnostic Center and big private institutions like Islami Bank Hospital it can cost you Rs 350 to 400.

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