Biman Bandar to Ishwardi Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Biman Bandar to Ishwardi Train Schedule and Ticket/Fare List: Ishwardi is almost a long way from the airport. And many people are constantly traveling on this road. Currently Ishwardi is known as an important place in Bangladesh. There are many people moving there. Because Bangladesh’s first Rooppur nuclear power plant is located in Rooppur of Ishwardi.

Due to this, the movement of people is constantly being observed in that area. So you can go by train from airport to Ishwardi without any hassle. Because trains are better than good vehicles. If you want to go from airport to Ishwardi by bus. Then you will have to waste a lot of time due to that journey. Moreover, due to many problems of buses, people become physically ill.

You all know. There is a lot of jhaki due to bus movement. Because of which there are many problems in the human body. So I would say that Ishwardi journey from airport should be by train. From which you will get a nice comfortable journey gift. Moreover, you can reach God in a very short time. No need to waste any time going there.

From Biman Bandar to Ishwardi. The trains that run. Those trains are known as one of the best trains in Bangladesh. They are constantly operating on the Ishwardi route from the airport as per their schedule. As Bangladesh Railway is running as per the instructions given, there is no difficulty in the journey of common people.

The trains that run from the airport to Ishwardi are: (Intercity) Trains. Which is known as the best train in Bangladesh. So let’s know the schedule of intercity trains on Ishwardi route from Nii Biman Bandar.

Biman Bandar to Ishwardi Train Schedule: (Intercity)

Train Name: Sundarban Express (726) departs from Biman Bandar at 08:42


Ishwardi reaches :13:00 time
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name: Silk City Express (753)
Departure time from the airport: 19:27
Ishwardi reaches :19:35 time
holidays; sunday

Train Name: Padma Express (759)
Departure from airport: 15:12 time
Ishwardi reaches at :03:20
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name: Cheetah Express (763)
Departure time from the airport: 19:27
Ishwardi reaches :23:15 time
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Benapole Express (796)
Departure time from airport: 23:43
Ishwardi reaches at :04:05
Holiday: Wednesday

These intercity trains are running regularly according to this fixed time. So if you want to go to Ishwardi from airport. Then you have to understand the times well. Because if you don’t know the time you won’t get the train.You have to come by these trains. You have to reach the station on time. Because if even a minute passes, then you will miss the train.

Biman Bandar to Ishwardi Train Ticket Price

All the trains in Bangladesh are operated by the government or the trains can be said to be government. Government trains have many benefits for the common man, one of which is the fare.

Trains charge very low fares from common people. No matter which route you travel by train in Bangladesh. You can go with very low fare compared to other vehicles. Which is a good advantage for all of us.We all need to enjoy these benefits.


You don’t have to pay much to get from the airport to Ishwardi. If you want to go with the lowest fare then you can go with a fare of 245 taka. The seat you will get in return is from the decorative section.

And if you want to go to Ishwardi with maximum fare. Then you have to pay 880 rupees. In exchange for which you will get seat from AC Berth seat category.

Moreover, there are many more seat categories in it. The rents of which are almost different. You will purchase tickets at fares of your choice. The ticket through which you can reach Ishwardi from the airport.


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