Biman Bandar to Natore Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Biman Bandar to Nato trains have been running since long. The trains which are some of the very famous trains of this route. Many people of Natore travel by trains. Due to which the people of that region are very much benefited. Moreover, Bangladesh Railways provides a lot of facilities for train movement.

Even traveling by train provides a very comfortable journey. That’s why train journey is preferred by all people. So if you want to go to Natore from the airport. Then train is a good mode of transportation for you. Through which you can reach Natore very easily.

So that you don’t waste any time because of him. Because the trains running on this route are very high speed trains. Moreover, there is no need to get into any kind of jam due to train movement. If you want to travel from airport to Natore by any other means other than train. Then you will have to face many jams on the road.

Due to which you will be physically tired. Apart from that you will waste a lot of time due to jams. So if you are traveling by train. Then you will get rid of these troubles. And you know it will be beautiful too.

Biman Bandar to Natore Train Schedule


Trains that ply from the airport. Those trains are very famous trains in Bangladesh. The trains are intercity trains.
Known as one of the fastest trains in Bangladesh.

By using these trains you will get many more benefits. Those benefits are, you can sleep on the train if you want. This system is for you. In addition, inter-city trains have also provided facilities such as food and prayers.


The intercity trains that run from the airport to Natore are Ekta Express (705), Lalmoni Express (751), Hrityan Express (757), Nilsagar Express (765), and Rangpur Express (751).

Trains ply from Biman Bandar to Nato route. Its schedule is given below.

Train Name: Ekta Express (705)
Departure time from airport: 10:37
Natore arrives at :15:10
Holidays: No

Train Name: Lalmoney Express (751)
Departure time from the airport: 22:17
Natore arrives at :03:33
Holiday: Friday

Train Name:Drutyan Express (757)
Departure time from airport: 20:27
Natore arrives at :00:28
Holidays: None

Train Name: Nilsagar Express (765)
Departure time from airport: 07:07
Natore reaches: 11:16 time
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Rangpur Express (751)
Departure time from airport: 09:37
Natore arrives at: 13:59 time
Holiday: Monday

The intercity trains that you have noticed here run according to this time.

If you want to leave by train. Then you have to pay attention to this time. Because train is the vehicle of time. When the time is up, you will never catch the train again. So you’re wondering which train to take. You can take note of that train time.

Biman Bandar to Nato Train Ticket/Fare List:

You may all know that the lowest fares can be traveled in Bangladesh. Only by train. So as always the fare to be taken from the airport to Nato route is also very less. Which carries the same fare on every train. If you want to go from the airport with Nato’s lowest fares. Then you have to pay 265 rupees. The seat you will get in return is from the decorative section.


And if you want to go with the highest fare. Then you have to pay 955 rupees. And you will get seats from AC berth category. The information you have received so far. All this information is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railways. This information is disclosed for your convenience only.

From which you have understood very easily. All the information about the train schedule and fares from Biman Bandar to Natore. Hope you don’t have any further problems.


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