Biman Bandar to Tangail Train Schedule & Ticket Price

You can come to Tangail from the airport in many ways like bus or mico. But for an even better journey, you can travel by train. Train is one such mode of transportation. Through which you will not need much time to go from the airport to Tangail.

You will reach Tangail in no time by train. A train is a vehicle which does not encounter any kind of jam during its movement. So no time is wasted. Which is not possible in any other vehicle. Be it bus or micro, you have to face a lot of jams while traveling. But if you travel by train you will not get into any kind of jam.

You will reach Tangail by enjoying a beautiful moment. As a result of the train journey. You can find details about airport to Tangail train schedule and fare in our article. Moreover, we give some such tips. Which will be very useful for train movement of whole Bangladesh.

Read our complete articles to know all these information. Then you will understand what you need to do to get from the airport to Tangail. There are two types of trains running from Tangail Intercity and Mail Express from the airport.

Airport to Tangail Train Schedule:


Train Name: Ekta Express (705)
Departure time from airport: 10:37
Arrive Tangail: 12:05pm
Holidays: None

Train Name: Lalmony Express (751)
Departure time from airport: 22:12
Arrive Tangail: 23:40 Time
holidays; Friday

Train Name: Silkcity Express (753)
Departure from airport: 15:12 time
Arrive Tangail: 16:50 time
Holiday: Sunday

Name of the train: Hirtyan Express (757)
Departure time from airport: 20:27
Arrive Tangail: 22:00 hrs
Holidays: None

Train Name: Padma Express (759)
Departure from airport: 23:27 time
Arrive Tangail at 01:00
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name: Sirajganj Express (775) departs from the airport at 17:27
Arrive Tangail at :19:05
Holiday: Saturday

So far you have seen the airport to Tangail intercity train schedule. These trains travel from the airport to Tangail at these scheduled times. If you want to go on these trains, check the timings carefully.


Airport to Tangail Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

Mail Express trains and their schedule are given below.

Train Name: Rajshahi Express (5)
Departure from airport: 12:48
Arrive Tangail: 14:27
Holidays: None

You noticed the Mail Express train and its schedule. Through which you can go to Tangail from the airport. No matter which train you take. You need to know the train schedule. If you don’t know the train schedule, you won’t know when the train leaves. So after leaving the train you will never get the train when you come to the station. So you have to be present at the station in time to catch the train. So you have to be aware of time.

Airport to Tangail Train Fare List

If you look inside all the vehicles in Bangladesh. Then you will watch. Trains have the lowest fares. You can never travel in any other vehicle at the fare that the train charges compared to other vehicles. You may all know that trains are operated according to the government. So for the convenience of common people, train fare is charged less. Bangladesh Railway office has given this facility.


You need to pay a minimum of 95 taka to reach Tangail from the airport. And you will get a seat from the decorative section for this 95 rupees. And if you want to go for maximum fare then you have to pay Rs.345 as fare. The seat you will get in return is AC berth.

There are many seat sections inside it. The fares of the categories are almost different. So you buy the ticket according to your preferred seat. Of course you will collect the ticket from the ticket counter of the station. What do you need to do to get from airport to Tangail by train? I think there will be no more difficulty in your train journey.


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