Biman Bandar to Santahar Train Schedule with Ticket Price

There are many trains running from the airport to Santahar. Which can be seen moving on the Santahar route from a long time ago. For those of you thinking of taking the train from the airport to Santahar. They have come to the right place. Because from here you will know.

Lots of information about airport to Santahar train timetables and fares. Which you really need to know. Also through this article you will get some tips which will be very useful in your train journey. To know these facts we need to understand the entire post well. So that you don’t have to face any difficulties to get from the airport to Santahar.

All the benefits that we enjoy as a result of traveling by train. All those facilities are provided by the Bangladesh Railway office. Bangladesh Railway Office is a government institution. And as this government institution, trains have been running for the benefit of the people of this country. Trains are still running with the convenience of people in mind.

Trains from Airport to Santahar. Those trains are high quality trains of Bangladesh, due to which there is no delay in reaching the destination. And due to non-delay, common people do not have to face any difficulties. They have been traveling by train for a long time because they can reach their destination on time. Let’s know about airport to Santahar train schedule.

Airport to Santahar Train Schedule:

The trains plying on the Santahar route from the airport are intercity trains. Intercity trains are known as the most advanced trains in Bangladesh.

The trains which ply the Santahar route regularly are: Ekta Express 705, Hirtyan Express 757, Lalmoni Express 751, Rangpur Express 771, Nilsagar Express 765,,,


These five intercity trains are plying on this route since long. Due to which many people are getting convenience in movement. If you want to go to Santahar from the airport. Then you have to go through these trains. To travel by this train you have to keep in mind the timings, which are given below.

Train Name: Ekta Express (705)
Departure time from airport: 10:37
Santahar arrives at :16:00
Holidays: None

Name of the train: Hirtyan Express (757)
Departure from airport: 20:27 time
Santa arrives at :01:15
Holidays: None

Train Name: Lalmoney Express (751)
Departure from airport: 22:17 time
Santahar arrives at :03:35
Holiday: Friday

Train Name: Rangpur Express (751)
Departure time from the airport: 09:37
Santahar reach :15:10 time
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Neel Sagar Express (765)
Departure time from the airport: 07:07
Reach Santahar :15:10 time
Holiday: Monday

These 5 intercity trains are constantly running on Santahar route from airport. So you want to go to Santahar from the airport. You can go on these trains.

But you have to keep the train timings in mind. Because once the time is up, you will not be able to catch these trains anymore. So it is better to keep a good note of the times.

Airport to Santahar Train Ticket Price

You don’t have to pay much to get from the airport to Santahar. The five trains you noticed above. The fares of these five trains are of the same level.


Generally a train has many different seat categories. Or each cabin offers different facilities. For example, the train cabins are divided into decorative, decorative chair, AC, AC berth, comfort, first seat, etc. whose fare is almost different. You will choose your seat according to your preference.

And must collect the ticket from the station ticket counter before boarding. There you can know the detailed information about the ticket price and category. You will buy tickets according to your preferred seat. Hope our body has understood the information. So I think there will be no difficulty in coming to Sandar from the airport.


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