Dhaka to Jhalokati Bus Schedule, Counter & Ticket Price

Due to Dhaka being the capital of Bangladesh, this city has been connected by road with every district of the country. Although the communication of the southern part of the country with Dhaka was very isolated only because of the Padma river. However, after the construction of the long Padma bridge, Dhaka’s relations with the southern districts have improved a lot. Because of which now you have to wait for the launch for a long time to reach Dhaka.

Those of you who want to travel from Dhaka to Jhalokati for various work or business purposes are definitely interested in traveling by bus. As bus journey is very safe and comfortable for us, we rely on bus as our travel companion whenever we want to travel far away. The distance from Dhaka to Jhalokati is very long due to which many of us are interested to know about the bus ticket price for traveling from Dhaka to Jhalokati by bus for our work purpose.

There are many people who want to know about the bus services that are running from Dhaka to Jhalokati on the internet and also want to know about the times when these buses are plying from Dhaka to Jhalokati. We have presented all the information about bus schedule counter ticket price from Dhaka to Jhalokati for you through this article today.

Dhaka to Jhalokati Bus Service

Although several bus services have been launched from the capital Dhaka to Jhalokati, we always give priority to advanced engine driven bus services. For those of you who are interested in Dhaka to Jhalokati, we have published the list of bus services that are running in this group only for you. So you can reach your destination by traveling on this route using any bus service of your choice.

Dhaka to Jhalokati Bus Ticket Price

Bus services for traveling from Dhaka to Jhalokati usually have a fixed ticket price that you must pay to travel. There are reputed bus services plying on this route in which you get AC operated buses as well as non AC operated ones. You can purchase tickets by selecting the type of bus service you are interested in using.


There are many people who are interested in buying Dhaka to Jhalokati bus ticket price online, I would like to say that to buy online, you must install, an application. After launching this app, select the date you want to travel and select the number of passengers. Finally your online ticket booking is complete by making the payment.


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