Chandpur To Barisal Launch Today Schedule, Distance, Ticket Price & Contact Number

If you want to go to launch from Chandpur to Barisal, have you ever wondered what information you need? Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Most of us passengers don’t know the verdict, they have information about the journey.

In fact, there is no website as big as Bangladesh to provide information about the launch, so many people can not find the information. We upload detailed information about the launch to our website which you may have seen or read about. Today we will discuss the launch arrangements for the launch from Chandpur to Barisal.

Barisal Launch Schedule & Mobile Number from Chandpur

Do you know how far you have to go by launch from Chandpur to Barisal? Since you are going to launch, you must go by river and the distance from Chandpur to Barisal is about 127 kilometers. It takes about 5 hours 46 minutes to cross this long river.This is a long way to go if you want to go well, so you must put this information on the collection list.

Farhan 7

Farhan Company has a good quality launch called Farhan 7 which launches from Chandpur to Barisal. The launch is scheduled to leave Chandpur Launch Terminal at 6 am. If all goes well then the scheduled time for Farhan 7 to reach Barisal is 11:30 am. For various needs you can contact the mobile number of this launch – 01798 288690.

MV Manik 1

MB Manik Company has several launches in which MV Manik 1 is a regular flight from Chandpur to Barisal. If this information is unknown to you then you must know this information. The launch is scheduled to leave Chandpur Launch Terminal at 8 am. If all goes well, the launch is scheduled to reach Barisal at 1:10 pm. The mobile number is – 01728 41 2200.

Sirajdikhan launch

The Sirajdikhan launch has been operating on this route from Chandpur to Barisal for several years. Those of you who want to get on this launch can do so. Of course you need to know the schedule and time of this launch which can make the journey better.

Sundarbans launch

One of the several launches of the Sundarbans launch is regularly flying from Chandpur to Barisal. The main reason why you can travel to Sundarbans regularly if you want is because you will get a lot of protection if you travel in this launch.

Chandpur to Barisal Online Ticket Booking

If you want to travel from Chandpur to Barisal by launch then let me give you some information about how to buy a ticket. If you look at the top, you will understand that we have tried to connect the mobile number with the launch schedule. If you buy tickets using these numbers all the time when you buy tickets, then your ticketing process will be easier.

Ticket price for Barisal launch from Chandpur

Those who want to travel by launch from Chandpur to Barisal must know the ticket price. From Chandpur to Barisal there are different types or seating arrangements for those who have a maximum ticket price of 250 rupees. There are different types of ticket prices for different categories. So it can be said that you can travel at a very affordable rate.

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