Chuadanga to Ullapara Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Many of you might be looking for Chuadanga to Ullapara train schedule and list. But I would say that you have come to the right place because in this article we are going to reveal important information about Chuadanga to Ullapara train schedule and ticket fare and also we have revealed some tips about the train through this article. Which will be very useful for train movement in whole Bangladesh.

I’m Currently train movement can be observed in every region of Bangladesh as well as some intercity trains are running on Chuadanga to Ullapara route. These intercity trains are very high quality trains of Bangladesh. By traveling through which you can enjoy many benefits.

Also you can travel through these trains at a very low fare. Which is very economical for you. So find out now without further delay. Chuadanga to Ullapara train schedule and ticket fare list.

Chuadanga to Ullapara Train Schedule:



The intercity trains you will get from Chuadanga to Ullapara. The names of those intercity trains and their schedules are given below.

Train Name Sundarban Express (725)
Departure from Chuadanga at :00:53
Reach Ullapara at :03:36
Holiday: Tuesday

Train Name Cheetah Express (763)
Departure time from Chuadanga is 11:46
Reach Ullapara at 14:30
Holiday: Monday

Two intercity trains ply on Chuadanga to Ullapara route as per this schedule. Due to which the train passengers of this route can catch these trains only if they arrive at the station according to the specified time. So if you want to travel from Chuadanga to Ullapara by these trains. Then you also need to know these times well. Because you will not get the train at the station without this time.

Chuadanga to Ullapara Train Ticket Fare List:

At present the lowest fare in Bangladesh can be traveled only by train journey. Because the train is a state vehicle of Bangladesh and it is operated by the government, the common people of this country can travel by train very cheaply.

That’s why you have to pay a very low fare to go from Chuadanga to Ullapara. Because on this route very low fares have been fixed for common people. So that common people can travel these trains very comfortably. And that’s why you can travel with very little money.


So if you want to go from Chuadanga to Ullapara then you can go with different fares because the two inter-city trains mentioned here are at the same fare level but the fares are different according to the cabin, each cabin can enjoy different benefits. ,, Sobhon, Sobhon chair, Snigdha, First seat, AC, AC berth.

Through these categories you can go to Ullapara at different fares. In Emu, the lowest rent is the decorative category. If I want to go to Ullapara in this ornamental section. Then you have to pay 105 rupees rent. Which is much less compared to other vehicles.

And if you want to enjoy maximum benefits among these categories, then you have to choose AC berth category and for that you have to pay Rs.375. Also the cables that are in between. You can go to them at different fares. But you need to purchase cricket for whichever category you want to book seats from the ticket counter of the station. Purchase the ticket according to the seat category of your choice and check the ticket.

Don’t take tickets from anyone other than the ticket counter because you know it can result in TV. There are many unscrupulous people who are cheating people by selling fake tickets, so definitely buy tickets from the station ticket counter.

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