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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is the department of the Government of Canada with responsibility for matters dealing with immigration to Canada, refugees, and Canadian citizenship. The department was established in 1994 following a reorganization. CIC is the most important service for people who come to Canada as immigrants or who have not yet acquired citizenship despite having lived here for a long time.

When you enter another country from a foreign country, there are special complications in obtaining the citizenship of that country, even if there are restrictions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country, only you can live there as a citizen. Canada is one of the most developed financially self-sufficient countries in the Americas due to which thousands of immigrants flock to this country every year.

CIC is the organization that helps you play the most important role in providing all kinds of services to the migrants right from registration. So you have to collect the correct information about all the services they have and you have to login properly based on their official website. That is why those who are associated with this website and who have settled here as refugees must follow our instructions so that you can open an account here and apply for their citizenship.

cic.gc.ca Online Services

The CIC authorities are now providing facilities to all their applicants in a completely digital manner due to which you can now do every task from the comfort of your home on the basis of their official servers. In addition to sharing the links of all their online services for your convenience, we have consistently compiled here the correct information about the purpose or purpose of each category.

In the case of getting online service, first you are given a link that once you click on the link an official home page will appear in front of you and on that home page different categories are shown in front of you. You can definitely select the services you want to use from there, that is, you can easily use all these categories to check your current status online or apply online.

CIC Login Check Application Status

Many of the services provided by CIC include long-term residents of Canada as refugees, and this website will provide you with direct access to citizenship or passport renewal during this interim period. In this case you have to apply online based on this website and later you can check the status of your current application.


But you face various complications in many cases and are not aware of the exact rules to check the status of your application. We have given the correct information here for you and based on this information only you can check your current application status. We have shared a special link for you and after clicking on this link, a webpage will appear in front of you, after clicking on it, enter your passport number or the user ID that you used while applying correctly.

Whenever the information you used is correct then enter next option and after entering your profile click on application status option from there. From that option you will later see different categories and from there it is possible to see only the current status of your application. Generally those who apply as new user can check this application status only.

You can follow the special rules that we have shared with you in the above section and only by following these rules each user can officially check their current status. Moreover, we are always ready to save you from the above type of complications and have given you the correct information on the basis of which you can complete the login now.

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