Comilla to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

If you are thinking of Comilla to Chittagong train then I would say you have made a right decision. Because the distance from Comilla to Chittagong is very much. Train should be chosen as the only good way or vehicle to journey to Adar. Because of the facilities you will get in the train. All these facilities are not available in any other mode of transportation or vehicle.

Chittagong intercity and mail express trains run from Comilla to every route in Bangladesh. You can go from Comilla to Chittagong by this intercity and Meri Express train which will be a beautiful journey for you. If you want to travel by Comilla to Chittagong train then read our complete articles to understand the train schedule and fare of this route very easily.

Comilla to Chittagong Train Schedule


Intercity trains are known as the best quality trains in Bangladesh. Because traveling by intercity trains people enjoy many benefits which are hardly available in other trains.

All the benefits you will get by traveling by intercity train. That is, you will find a place to sleep on the way. I have arranged for you to sleep. You can even take food from there if you want. And there is a prayer facility where you can pray.


These images are not commonly found in any other train. So know the intercity train schedule.

Train Name Mahanagar Prabhati (704)
Departs from Comilla: 11:07 hrs
Chittagong reach : 13:50 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Paharika Express (720)
Departs Comilla : 16:32 Time
Chittagong reach : 19:35 time
Holiday: Saturday

Train Name Mahanagar Express (722)
Depart from Comilla : 01:47 time
Chittagong reach : 04:50 time
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Udayan Express (724)
Departs from Comilla: 01:07 Time
Reach Chittagong : 06:00 hrs
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Trina Express(2)
Departs from Comilla: 03:20
Chittagong reach : 06:20 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Vijay Express (786)
Departs from Comilla : 02:36 Time
Reach Chittagong : 05:50 hrs
Holiday: Tuesday

These inter-city trains are constantly plying on the Comilla to Chittagong route due to which the convenience of people on this route has greatly changed.

Comilla to Chittagong Train Schedule :
(Mail Express)

Mail express train that runs on Comilla to Chittagong route. Passengers do not have to face any difficulty in traveling as they are high quality trains. Passengers can travel by train very comfortably. So if you want to travel by Chittagong mail express train from Comilla then check these timings carefully.

Train Name Chittagong Mail (2)
Departs Comilla: 04:00 hrs
Chittagong reach : 07:25 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Karnaphuli Express (4)
14:20 from Comilla
Reached Chittagong at 18:00
Holidays: None

Train Name Jalalabad Express (14)
Departs from Comilla: 07:37 hrs
Chittagong reach :12:10 time
Holidays: None

Also there are many more trains plying in Chittagong group if you want to go by these trains then you need to know the timings well. Because if you somehow forget the timing of these trains then you will not get these trains again and you have to be present at the station in time.

Comilla to Chittagong Train Ticket Price

A train usually has many different seat categories with almost different fares. The lowest seat category which is Shobhan if you want to take this lowest seat then you have to pay Tk 145 fare. And if you want to take the highest seat from AC berth then you have to pay 587 rupees fare. There are many more seat categories which are rented separately so you can choose a seat according to your affordability.



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