Dhaka to Bogra Bus Ticket Price

A few buses ply from Dhaka regularly to Bogra. Those buses are some of the very famous buses of Bangladesh. However, all the passengers traveling in Bogra are covered by these buses. Many of you may not know how much rent they have to pay.

Due to which there is a feeling of hesitation to journey in the buses going from Dhaka to Bogra. Because you don’t know anything about bus fare till now. So to remove such doubts, we have published in this article about the buses from Dhaka to Bogra village.

You can easily know the detailed information about the buses from Dhaka to Bogra village. Like about bus schedule and fare list. The distance from Dhaka to Bogra is almost long. Because of which this journey should be comfortable. Because when you think of traveling a long way. Then you have to choose comfort.

Because there are many jams and bumps in the road. Due to which human body gets tired. So if you know well. In that case, you will be far away from all these difficulties. If you are on a love journey. In that case, you will feel less tired. And you can get free from outside dust or other pollution. So, you must choose a good bus for a bus journey. So we have published it for your convenience. About several high-quality buses from Dhaka to Bogra.

Dhaka to Bogra Bus Schedule

Several buses are constantly plying from Dhaka to Bogra. All the facilities that are available in these buses will never be available in other buses. So find out immediately without any further delay. Names of the buses that ply from Dhaka to Bogra.

Ekta Transport, Hanif Enterprises, SR Travels, Alhamra Transport.

You can easily travel from Dhaka to Bogra by these buses every day. But you need to know the specific time. Because if you don’t know about its specific time. However, you cannot know when these buses leave Dhaka for Bogra. So of course you need enough knowledge about these buses.

If you know about these tasks thoroughly. But you can travel in these buses properly. So find out immediately without any further delay. Bus fare list from Dhaka to Bogra village.

Dhaka to Bogra Bus Fare List:

Above you have noticed several bus names. Which travel from Dhaka to Bogra. But many people do not know how much money they have to pay to travel in these buses. So know in detail how much money you have to pay to go to Bogra from Dhaka.

Ekta Transport: You will have to pay 350 taka fare for this Ekta Transport University from Dhaka to Bogra.

Hanif Enterprise: In this Hanif Enterprise ticket price from Dhaka to Bogra is Tk 350.

SR Travels: If you are traveling by SR travel bus from Dhaka to Bogra, then you have to pay Tk 350 to purchase the ticket.

Alhamra Paribahan: Alhamra Paribahan bus ticket price is 400 taka. You can go from Dhaka to Bogra on this bus by purchasing a ticket for Tk 400.

By now you have noticed that it is very important for you to know about the bus fares of all the buses that go from Dhaka for the purpose of Bhog. So now maybe you don’t seem to have any unknown about the bus fares from Dhaka to Bogra. Because we have published here in detail about the buses from Dhaka to Bogra. From which I think you got enough idea.

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