Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train is one of the means of transportation in Bangladesh. The medium which is quite old survives in this country. People have been traveling by train since long time ago. Traveling by train is a joyous journey.
By traveling by train you will reach your destination in joy.

Trains can be operated without any risk. And the destination can be reached very quickly through movement. So train movement is important for all people. This saves a lot of time and you can make the journey safely. Every bread train in Bangladesh runs every district district train runs.

Along with that, many trains run on Santahar route from Dhaka. So those who are thinking of going by train from Dhaka to Santahar. Or those who have never traveled from Dhaka to Santahar by train. Train is a very good mode for them. Through which you will reach Santahar without any excuse.

Still those who don’t know anything about Dhaka to Santahar train schedule and fare. This post is very important for them. Because we will publish here about Dhaka to Santahar travel schedule and tickets.

Dhaka to Santahar Train Schedule:

Many trains run from Dhaka to Santahar. All those trains are known as very good quality trains of Bangladesh. To reach Shantahar from Dhaka you have to cover 250 km. That is a long way. And if you want to get this long distance as an easy and comfortable journey, you need to use train.

Trains that run from Dhaka to Santahar. Those trains have been plying in Bangladesh for a long time. So the common people do not have to face any difficulty with their rules and regulations. So know about those trains and their schedule.


The trains that run from Dhaka to Santahar are Ekta Express (705) Lalmony Express (751), Hrityan Express (757), Nilsagar Express (765), Rangpur Express (771), Panchagarh Express (793) Kurigram Express (797). . These trains run regularly from Dhaka to Santahar.
Train Schedule:

Train Name: Ekta Express (705)
Departs from Dhaka: 10:10
Santahar arrives at: 16:00
Holidays: None

Train Name: Lalmony Express (751)
Departs from Dhaka: 21:45
Santahar Pauchai:03:35
Holiday: Friday

Train Name:Drutyan Express (757)
Departs from Dhaka: 20:00
Santahar arrives at: 01:15
Holidays: None

Train Name: Neelsagar Express (765)
Departs from Dhaka: 06:40
Santahar reaches: 12:15
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Rangpur Express (771)
Departs from Dhaka: 09:10
Santahar reaches: 15:10
Holiday: Monday

Train Name: Panchagarh Express (793)
Departs from Dhaka: 22:45
Santahar reaches: 04:10
Holidays: None

Train Name: Kurigram Express (797)
Departs from Dhaka: 20:45
Santahar arrives at 02:05
Holiday: Wednesday

These trains run according to the times you saw, so you must remember the time of your preferred train so that you don’t miss three.

Dhaka to Santahar Train Ticket Price

All the trains you noticed from Dhaka to Santahar. These trains run according to their schedule. And all the holidays he observed. You will find these trains almost every day except these days.

Through which you can go from Dhaka to Santahar. Almost all train fares are same. However, train fares vary according to seats. There are many categories of seats in trains. Fares vary by category.


You will purchase tickets according to your seat at your convenience and within your means. Must purchase the ticket from the station ticket counter. All the information you get here is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway.

This information is disclosed only for your convenience. Hope your Dhaka to Santahar train journey will be very pleasant after getting these information.


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