Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Those of you who are thinking of going to Sylhet from Dhaka. They can choose train as the only convenient and good mode of transportation for them. Because train is a government vehicle of our country. So that movement has been given many facilities. For this reason, it is important for every person to travel by train for all those conveniences.

Common people benefit a lot through train movement. Because all the vehicles other than trains are used by people. The train fare is much less than all those vehicles. Which teaches people to be more financially secure. So train is a very important vehicle.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule:

Trains run in all regions of Bangladesh. There are some trains every day from Dhaka to every route of the country. Through which you will reach your destination without any risk. So those of you who are thinking of traveling by train. They have come to the right place. Because we provide various information related to this train. After getting the information, your train journey will be easier.


All the information you will get through this post is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway Office. This information is very important for those people who will travel from Dhaka to Sylhet by train.

Sylhet is 235 km from Dhaka. So let your journey be by train.
(Mail Express) and (Intercity) trains ply from Dhaka.

The trains which are running regularly from Dhaka to Sylhet are:

Kalani Express (773)
Jayantika Express (717)
Upban Express (739)

These three intercity trains travel from Dhaka to Sylhet.
The train schedule is given below:

Train Name: Upban Express (739)
Departs from Dhaka: 20:30
Reach Sylhet: 05:00 hrs
Holiday: Wednesday

Train Name: Kalani Express (773)
Departs from Dhaka at 15:00
Reach Sylhet: 21:30 hrs
Holiday: Friday

Train Name: Jayantika Express (717)
Departs from Dhaka at 11:15
Reach Sylhet: 19:00 hrs
Holidays: None

Train Name: Parbatya Express (709)
Departs from Dhaka at 06:20
Reach Sylhet: 13:00 hrs
Holiday: Tuesday

The timings of the (inter-city) trains you are looking at. All these trains run during this time.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule:
(Mail Express) Train.
There is only one mail express train running from Dhaka to Sylhet, check its schedule below.

Train Name : Surma Express (9)
Departs from Dhaka at 22:50
Sylhet will reach: 12:10 time
Holidays: None
This was the train schedule from Dhaka to Sylhet. Which you may have known by now.
Train journey is a beautiful journey. But you have to be aware in various ways from the beginning of this journey.

In particular you need to pay attention to the timing so that you do not deviate from your train journey.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Fare List:

Dhaka to Sylhet trains you are looking at. Fares of all those trains are charged as per Bangladesh Railways instructions. So you have to board the train with the fare charged by them. No person should enter the train without a ticket as this may cause problems for you. Even you have to face a lot of harassment.


So you must check and collect the ticket from the ticket counter before boarding the train. By now you might have got the information about all the trains from Dhaka to Sylhet. Through this post of ours. That was very important for you to know.

Also we provide many more information related to tension through this website which every person needs to know. After getting all these information, I think your train journey will be successful.


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