Dola Paribahan Contact Number, Ticket Price, Booking & Time Schedule 2023

Bus service is always working for those of you who are interested in traveling from Dhaka city to different parts of the country regularly. Dola Paribahan has been playing a significant role among the comfortable bus services in Bangladesh for a long time. As a Bangladeshi, if you want to travel to any part of the country for employment or business, Dola Paribahan will play a special role for you.

However, before boarding the bus, you must know all the information about the bus because the bus counter number can be used to book tickets online, after knowing all this information, you can travel safely on the bus. In order to help you, we have presented to you all the information of Dola Paribahan counters all over Bangladesh including its contact number as well as ticket price through this article.

You must read our full article and find out all the information about oscillations. This will make your journey much easier and you will be able to book tickets online in advance. Then read our entire article carefully without wasting time and learn more about swing transport.

Dola Paribahan Route

At the beginning of the discussion we are going to tell you which route Dola Transport usually travels. Powered by powerful advanced engines and skilled drivers, this popular bus service travels to every part of the country. Usually this bus is plying regularly in some districts of the country centered around Dhaka city.

  • Dhaka to Pirojpur
  • Dhaka to Bagerhat
  • Dhaka to Gopalganj
  • Dhaka to Patgati
  • Bagerhat to Chandipur
  • Morelganj to Bagerhat route

Dola Paribahan Ticket Price

Before traveling by bus you must know about the ticket price as the ticket price is determined by the Dola Transport Authority based on how far you have reached your destination. However, there is no reason to worry. We have published here the list of ticket prices of all the routes operated by the Bangladesh Transport Authority.

Ticket prices are usually determined based on the number of passengers and the distance to your destination. The list we have published below is from the Dola Transport Authority so you must pay a fixed price when you buy a ticket.


Dola Paribahan Bus Time Schedule

Every bus of Dola Paribahan is traveling from Dhaka city to different parts of the country every day. If you want to travel to all these districts then you must know about Dola Paribahan bus schedule. This will allow you to come to the bus counter at the specified time and purchase a ticket to board the bus. So let’s find out about Dola Transport bus schedule.


Dola Paribahan Online Ticket Booking

In this era of information technology, there is no need for you to stand in long queues and buy bus tickets at the counter, now you can easily buy any bus ticket by visiting a single application or website from the comfort of your home.

  • For Dola Paribahan online ticket booking you can first visit or easily install the official app.
  • Go to the search box and search by typing Dola Paribahan.
  • A list of several buses of Dola Paribahan will appear in front of you. From there, click on the bus you want to reach.
  • Determine how many passengers will go on the bus.
  • Select which date to go by bus.
  • Finally, you can pay it easily through any mobile banking service.

Dola Bus Service Counter List

Dola Paribahan bus service has been introduced in several parts of Bangladesh due to which there are counters in every placeIn order to help you, we have collected every number of Dola Paribahan counters and published it here in the form of a list.

Dola Paribahan Dhaka Counter Contact Number

Dola Paribahan is the most popular bus service in Dhaka city. Due to which people who travel by bus from Dhaka to different parts of the country every day for their work use Dola Paribahan as their travel companion. The number list of Dola Paribahan counters in Dhaka city is published below.


Dola Paribahan Gulistan

Dola Paribahan has several counters at Gulistan in Dhaka from where you can find out all the information about bus schedule, ticket price etc. To help you, we have published a list of bus counter numbers in Gulistan.

Gulistan Bus Station Counter, Dhaka District City, Phone: 01730-898811, 01730-898812

Dola Paribahan Contact Number Bagerhat


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