Kopotakkho Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price & Seat Plan

Many of you may be thinking of going from Rajshahi to Khulna but if you want to go from Rajshahi to Khulna. In that case I will ask you to choose train as the vehicle. Because train is the state vehicle of Bangladesh due to which you can enjoy many benefits by traveling by train. Features that you will never find in other vehicles. Generally there are more or less trains running in every region in Bangladesh.

However, the train from Rajshahi to Khulna is running constantly. That train is Kopotakkho Express train. Which constantly moves on this route. This Kapotaksh Express train runs six days a week on Rajshahi to Khulna route. And this train is closed on Saturday as a holiday. So those of you who want to go from Rajshahi to Khulna. They can take this Kopotakkho Express train.

And if you want to come back to Rajshahi from Khulna. In that case also you will get this train. But you have to know the schedule of this train. Because if you don’t know well about the schedule of this train. But you will not be able to know when this Kapotaksh Express train leaves for Khulna and when it backs from Khulna to Rajshahi.

So you need to know the schedule of this Kapotaksh Express train well. But not only the schedule but also the fare of this Kapotaksh Express train you need to keep some idea. Why not if ever this train charges extra fares as a result of the journey. But in that case, if you know the exact fare, you can know about the additional fare.

So be sure to know this train schedule and fare well by reading our complete guide carefully.

Kopotakkho Express Train Schedule:

Every train has a specific time which leaves for its destination at a specific time. So the Kapotaksh Express train from Dhaka to Khulna also has a specific time.

At which time he leaves for Khulna from Rajshahi. So you need to know about the schedule of this train. If you don’t know about the timing of this train then you can never catch this train. So know the schedule of this Kopotakkho Express train.


(Rajshahi to Khulna)
Departure time: 14:15
Arrival time :20:21
Holiday: Saturday

(Khulna to Rajshahi)
Departure time : 06:15
Arrival time : 12:00
Holiday: Saturday

Above you have noticed Kopotakkho Express train schedule. This train departs from Rajshahi to Khulna according to the schedule. And at a later time we have also clearly revealed the time when he again left Khulna for Rajshahi. So you don’t seem to have any unknown about this Kopotakkho Express train schedule.

Kopotakkho Express Train Fare List:

We all know train is the state vehicle of Bangladesh. However, since the train is a state transport, there is no question that the train journey money will be exchanged. However, the train is the state transport of Bangladesh and it is very easy to travel from one end to another end by train journey for very little money.

So, if you have traveled from Rajshahi to Khulna in this Kapotaksh Express train, you will have to pay some amount of fare, but you will never be able to travel to Khulna by other vehicles for less than the amount of fare that you have to pay in this train. So the list of Kapotaksh Express train fares from Rajshahi to Khulna is mentioned below.


Decoration: 260 rupees rent
Decorative chair: 310 Tk
First seat: 410 Tk
Snigdha: 515 rupees rent
AC City: Rs 615 rent

A train usually has many different cabin categories. In which different fares are fixed due to different facilities. You can travel in this Kopotakkho Express train with different fares in different cabins.

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