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Dubai 100 Dirham/Bangladeshi Taka 2023

Dubai is a developed country in the Middle East. Millions of people leave for work every year from different parts of the world in this desert-surrounded country. Due to the low population, the government of Dubai constantly recruits thousands of people from Bangladesh every year as laborers in their country. A survey by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh shows that most of the people of Bangladesh are currently living in Dubai in the Middle East.

Their hard-earned Dubai currency is flowing into the country as remittances, helping to keep our economy afloat. As a Dubai expatriate, you might be currently earning a lot of money while living abroad. The currency of Dubai is commonly known as dirham because it is the mouth through which all goods can be bought and sold in Dubai. But when this dirham goes to another country in the form of remittance, then the banks of that country buy it with a lot of money.

If you have received 100 dirhams from Dubai, you will definitely want to know how much 100 dirhams in that country are equal to Bangladeshi taka. There is a big difference between Bangladeshi Taka and Dubai Dirham due to which we can say that Dirham is more valuable than Bangladeshi Taka. However, the exchange rate of currencies around the world is usually based on the dollar rate given by international banks.

Currently, due to the worldwide economic recession, there is a huge difference between the Dubai Dirham and the Bangladeshi Taka. Over time the value of dirham has increased while the value of money has depreciated so much that we are now really very weak economically. Today our article is very important for those of you who want to convert Dubai Dirham to Bangladeshi Taka.

Dubai 100 Dirham Bangladesh 2,589.66 Taka

We have shared all the information about how much money will be given in Bangladeshi Taka if you convert 100 Dirham through this article today. Therefore we think that the information provided by us will help you with special information to convert money from dirhams. So you must go through our entire article and convert Dirham to Taka knowing the information shared for you from here.

Convert Dirham to Bangladeshi Taka




25.8833 BDT


129.417 BDT

10 AED

258.833 BDT

25 AED

647.083 BDT

50 AED

1,294.17 BDT

100 AED

2,588.33 BDT

500 AED

12,941.7 BDT

1,000 AED

25,883.3 BDT

5,000 AED

129,417 BDT

10,000 AED

258,833 BDT

50,000 AED

1,294,170 BDT

  • Dubai 1200 Dirham / Bangladeshi taka
  • Dubai 10000 dirham / Bangladeshi taka
  • Dubai 1300 dirham Bangladeshi taka
  • 1400 Dirham to Taka

Based on the above information you are able to easily convert 1 Dubai Dirham to Bangladeshi Taka. The currency rate of all countries is determined depending on the dollar rate in the international market, so when you see that the provisions of Dubai are increasing, you must understand that the dollar rate is increasing. We have tried hard to help you convert money from dirhams to dirhams. You can use our article to convert the currencies of other countries in the Middle East, including Dubai.

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