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Best Ways of Online Earning in Nepal Without Investment 2024

Nepal is a popular country in Asian continent. Although economically not very strong, Nepal has been able to reach a different level than other Asian countries in terms of information and communication technology. Information-and-communication-technology has advanced so much in Nepal that now they are familiar with all the ways to earn online from home.

Although everyone knows that income can be earned online, many people are unaware of how to earn without any investment. There are also many people who have been working on several websites for a long time but are not getting their payment on time and they are very worried. But to remove your worry, today we will share with you some easy ways to earn online, from which you can earn without any investment.

So today’s article will play a very important role for those who are spending free time and trying to earn online from home in Nepal. You must follow the instructions given by us now from sitting at home and if you follow it properly you can earn through online.

Earn Money in Nepal App

App developers are now able to improve themselves so much that now they are entering various types of applications in play store. By doing this now we can easily earn from any part of the world. Because of which now you want to earn from home in Nepal by using different types of applications, we have mentioned all the application names here. So without wasting time install all the applications mentioned here on your device and try to work properly. We think you can successfully use the applications in a short period of time to earn income.

TikTok – Make Video & Earn Money

At the beginning of the discussion we are going to introduce you to an application that is most popular all over the world. TikTok is now a popular app and the most installed app on Google Play Store. If you want to earn video on Tik Tok then we can give special instructions for you. First let’s say that you need to login to Tik Tok through an application.

When you create a profile remember to update all personal information on your profile. Later you have to regularly select the trending topics and make videos accordingly. When you regularly share video content on various topics from your TikTok account, you will see that there are more likes, comments and shares. You can go live and collect virtual gifts from your fans. You can do advertisements or cross-promotion for different brands and earn money.

Free Fire – Online Game to Earn Money in Nepal

Mobile games are generally played to pass our own free time. Have you ever thought that you can earn money online by playing mobile games? Since Free Fire is one of the most popular games nowadays, you can easily earn a lot of money from Nepal by playing this game. Because of which it is an easy way for those of you who want to earn by playing games.

Now the question is that you need to know about how to earn by playing free fire games. Install free fire game on your mobile and create ID with all your personal information. Later, several international game competitions are organized and when you participate in them, you will be given a large amount of prize money after winning.

Moreover, when your ID becomes widely known in the free fire game, you can earn a lot of money from it. Especially when you become a professional gamer, various gaming companies will contact you and hire you as their sponsor to share various tips related to their games. In this way you can now earn from Nepal by playing online games.

YouTube – Watch Video & Earn Money 

YouTube is currently the most popular video sharing platform where you can earn from watching videos to making videos. No matter where you live in any part of the world, YouTube has been arranged for you to watch for free and you now get the opportunity to earn from here. If you have a little knowledge about video editing, you can now easily make videos using your mobile or computer.


Earn Money from YouTube Shorts

In this case, you first need to create a YouTube channel and keep uploading videos on various topics there. When your video will reach different YouTube users around the world and they will view your videos, you can get Google Adsense approval. Later, different types of advertisements will be shown from your YouTube channel through Google Adsense. Dollars will be credited to your account as soon as a person clicks on the ad provided by you. This way you can earn money by watching videos through YouTube.

How to Earn Money Online in Nepal for Students

Being a student you should cover the cost of your studies. By doing this, you can be freed from the pressure of the family. If you are a student and want to earn freelancing, then today’s article is very important for you. We are going to share some simple ways for you to earn money online without any investment.


Blogging is currently one of the most popular means of online income. Especially for students it has become easier because if you can become an expert in article writing and SEO then it will be easy for you to earn huge amount of money from this medium. You can create a blog site by yourself if you have little knowledge about article writing.


But in this case you need to invest a little bit. First you need to purchase a domain and hosting and that domain-hosting regularly publish articles on various topics. There are various ad networks who constantly try to display ads through their websites. In this case, whenever you can get Google Adsense approval on your website, you will see that different types of ads are displayed on your website.

If someone clicks on the advertisement displayed on your website then you will get income depending on that. The more you work on your site, the more viewers you will get and the more ads will be displayed on your website. This is how you can start blogging and earn a lot of money online.

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