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How to Earn Money from YouTube Shorts 2024

The popular video streaming website is YouTube where we spend hours and hours a day watching various videos. As a normal person you can watch different types of videos from this platform for free. However, if you wish, you can choose from this video platform as its source. As you know, YouTube is an affiliate of Google and you will find all of Google’s services on this platform.

Since there is an opportunity to earn money from Google, it is possible to earn money from your YouTube. If you want, you can easily earn থেকে 100 to 1000 1000 per month through your YouTube channel by uploading various content videos to YouTube. In today’s article we will show you how to earn USD per month by uploading YouTube short videos.

Make Money Online from YouTube Shorts

YouTube short videos have gained popularity as one of the most entertaining mediums of all time. YouTube has surpassed nearly 5 trillion views from short videos earlier this year. The app has even released 100 million YouTube short funds in 2021-22. According to company rules, channels and content creators can earn between USD 100 and 10,000 depending on the engagement and view.

According to the survey, you may have noticed how much people are interested in YouTube videos. If you have an idea about video editing then you can earn a lot of money per month by uploading these short videos. However, there are some transcendent conditions that you must follow when it comes to earning money through videos from YouTube.

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YouTube Shorts Monetization Requirements

According to Google’s rules, you must follow certain guidelines to earn money from YouTube short videos.

  • No copy of the content can be attached to the YouTube video.
  • You must fill out 1000 subscribers for YouTube Monetization.
  • Your YouTube channel must have 4000 hours of total views.
  • Each video must have a description.
  • You need to share the link of your youtube video on different types of social media.

If you follow these guidelines properly, Google will allow you to monetize your channel and earn money.

Google authorities will monetize your channel. After monetization, if you upload content according to Google’s rules, you will be approved by AdSense. After getting AdSense Approval, you will be credited to your AdSense account, depending on the amount of views you receive after you regularly publish content on your YouTube channel.

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We would like to say to you that you will have the option of payment after earning a minimum of 100 USD in your AdSense account. When uploading videos, make sure the video is no longer than 5 minutes long as these are YouTube videos. Your channel depends on the quality of your content when it comes to YouTube. So during video editing you must try your best to get good quality.


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