Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Those of you who want to know about Feni to Chittagong train schedule and fare. They have come to the right place. As we are going to reveal in this article. About Feni to Chittagong train schedule and fare. Also you will get some information about trains from our article. Which will be very useful for your train movement all over Bangladesh.

We all know train is a government vehicle of Bangladesh. Through which people travel and enjoy many benefits. But all the benefits that we get as a result of traveling by train. All these benefits are obtained by the government or by following the instructions of the Bangladesh Railway office. So it can be said that train plays a very important role in our human life.

If you want to travel by train from Feni to Chittagong. In this case you will get intercity train and mail express train. Intercity and Mail Express trains are known as very good quality trains in Bangladesh. So know Intercity and Mail Express train schedule.

Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule:



There are almost many trains running from Feni to Chittagong which are only applicable for this type of route. These trains have only one day off in a week. Except for one day a week, you will often find trains on this route during the day.

Train Name Mahanagar Prabhati (704)
Departs from Feni :12:23
Chittagong reach :14:00
Holidays: None

Train Name Paharika Express (720)
Departs from Feni :17:50
Reach Chittagong :19:35
Holiday: Saturday

Train Name Mahanagar Express (722)
Departs from Feni :03:03
Chittagong reach :04:50
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Udyan Express (724)
Departs from Feni :04:18
Chittagong reach :06:00
Holiday: Sunday

These inter-city trains are running as per schedule scheduled by Bangladesh Railway Office. These times are determined by Bangladesh Railway office. So there is no misuse of time in train movement.

Feni to Chittagong Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

Train Name Chittagong Mail (02)
Departure from Feni at :05:25
Reach Chittagong at :07:25
Holidays: None

Train Name Karnaphuli Express (04)
Departs from Feni at 15:50
Reach Chittagong at 18:00 hrs
Holidays: None

Train Name Jalalabad Express (14)
Departure from Feni at :09:43
Chittagong reach :12:10 time
Holidays: None

Train Name Sagarika Express (30)
Departure from Feni : 17:23 time
Chittagong reach :19:25 time
Holidays: None

These mail express trains are constantly running from Feni to Chittagong route. So if you want to go to these trains. Then you should know these times well. You will get the train at the station according to this time. But remember that somehow if you waste these times you will never get a train again. You have to wait for the next train.

Feni to Chittagong Train Fare List:

From Feni to Chittagong free, you have to pay the fare in return for the journey. Similarly, if you travel by train, you will have to pay the fare. But you have to pay a very low fare because the train fare is very low compared to all other vehicles in Bangladesh. Due to which people get many benefits by traveling. And train passengers can save a lot economically.


You can travel on these intercity and express trains for a minimum fare of 90 taka to a maximum of 368 taka. 90 Tk will get you a seat in the lowest section of a train. And you will get a seat from AC berth in the highest category of a train for Rs 368.

After we receive this information. I hope you don’t have to get confused about the Feni to Chittagong route train schedule and fare.


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