Feni to Dhaka Train Schedule & Ticket Price

All the people who are traveling by train from Feni to Dhaka. All these people are traveling very comfortably and conveniently. Dhaka is the capital of our country so every person has to go to some work in Dhaka. Many people have to go in a very fast time. So we should all use trains for these journeys. Trains run on every route in Bangladesh. Similarly, many inter-city and mail express trains run from Dhaka to Feni.

The people of this route have benefited a lot by running the train from Feni to Dhaka. Because they still don’t have to worry about traveling in other vehicles, now the people of Feni can travel by train without hesitation. Passengers can enjoy many benefits by traveling intercity trains on this route. Know Intercity Train and Mail Express Train Schedule.

Feni to Dhaka Train Schedule



Train Name Mahanagar Twilight (703)
Departs from Feni at 16:25
Reached Dhaka at 21:25
Holidays: None

Train Name Mahanagar Express (721)
Departure from Feni at :14:05
Reached Dhaka at 19:10
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name Trina Express (741)
Departure from Feni at :00:29
Reached Dhaka at 05:15
Holidays: None

These inter-city trains are constantly plying from Feni to Dhaka due to which the people on its route are enjoying many benefits by traveling in inter-city trains. With him, he is able to reach Banka very comfortably as a result of traveling by train.

Traveling on these inter-city trains will give you many benefits which are sleepy as a result of the train journey. Therefore, intercity trains also have good sleeping arrangements.

You even have food and prayer facilities on intercity trains. Through which you will be able to make a train journey.

Feni to Dhaka Train Schedule :
(Mail Express)

There are three intercity trains plying on the Feni to Dhaka route. The trains are, Dhaka Mail (1) Karnaphuli (3) and Chatla Express (67) these three trains have been plying this route since long. Due to which the people of this route do not have to face any difficulties.

So know this mail express train schedule.

Train Name Dhaka Mail(-1)
Departure from Feni at :00:15
Reached Dhaka at 06:55
Holidays: None

Train Name Karnaphuli (3)
Departure time from Feni: 11:58
Reached Dhaka at 19:45
Holidays: None

Train Name Chatla Express (67)
Departure from Feni at :09:59
Reach Dhaka at 15:35
Holiday: Tuesday

Above you have noticed the mail express train schedule. But if you want to go to Dhaka through these trains. Then you need to know the schedule of these trains well. Because if you do not know the timing of these trains well. Then you will never get a train except on time at the station. So know the schedule of these trains well.

Feni to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Intercity and express trains that run from Feni to Dhaka. The fare list of these two types of trains is almost at the same level. However, fares differ according to the cabin of the trains. You can enjoy different facilities in each cabin in these trains. For that you have to pay rent according to that category cabin.


Train cabins are generally divided into Shovan, Shovan Chair, First Seat, First Berth, RSnigdha, AC and AC berths in a train. The lowest category among these is Shoban. If you want to go to Dhaka from this Shobhan section then you have to pay Tk 220 fare.

And if you want to take seat from highest category AC berth. Then you have to pay Rs. 909 as rent. Hope you got to know about Feni to Dhaka train schedule and fare. I think he will have no problem.


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