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How to Earn on YouTube in Nigeria 2024

YouTube is the best video sharing platform in present time. We can get any types of videos on this platform. As a result, people around the world enjoy the platform and spend their times by watching videos on it. However, do you have any idea about money earning from YouTube? It is really possible to make money from this platform.

Generally, we watch videos on YouTube and people spend their time only for their entertainment. However, people who want to make money from online without investment. YouTube is the place where you do not need to invest money for earning. Lets show you how to make money on YouTube. As a Nigerian, it is very important to know about the ways of money earning.

Make Money on YouTube in Nigeria

Nigeria is a poor country and the people of this country are living in low condition. As a result, all of them want to improve their present condition. In this case, online income is the best way for you which should help to make you some extra money. Today, we are going to share the best earning information with you. The YouTube authority is ready to share the best earning source for you.

As a Nigerian, you must want to earn some money from YouTube. Just follow the instructions which we given for you step by step. We have given the best information for you with detail information. You must follow it and try to make some extra money on your pocket.

Create Official YouTube Channel

Upload Copyright Free Videos

Approve Google AdSense

Create Official YouTube Channel

At the first stage, the content creator has to created a new channel properly. There are many YouTube Videos you can find on the place where you can watch the method. Firstly, you should fix a channel name which is related with your content. Now, Sign Up by visiting www.youtube.com official website. Submit your Email Address.

Finally, you have created a new YouTube channel. It is high time to set up and customized the channel properly. Update some description by giving your channel information. Give other social links on the details. Finally, your official YouTube channel is ready to grow.

Make Copyright Free Content

After creating a new channel, you channel should need some content which should be made from you. We have already mentioned it that you must create the channel name based on your topic. Upload videos on your channel. Daily, Weekly and Monthly as per your choice. People around the world will find your videos and try to watch the videos. However, the content creator should share the post on different social media like Facebook, Instagram.

Approve Google Adsense

It is high time to start your earning from YouTube. The google authority is giving the best chance for you where you can invest your time and make money from it. When your channel almost ready and the creator share the videos on the channel, you must ready for approving google adsense. The terms and conditions are very easy and everyone should follow it.

Your channel must need 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Minutes watchtime within 1 year. In this way, your channel is almost ready to make money from it and you will get the google adsense approval. Finally, the channel are ready to showing ads.

Earn Money from YouTube by Google Adsense

Suppose, your channel has approved google adsense, you are ready to earning. Now, you can set up ads and people from any area will show ads on your videos. The content creator must get the revenue from it. If any user click on your ads, you can see some money. In this way, the creator can earn a lots of money from it.

When you earn more than $100 Dollars, you can get the payments on your bank account. However, the creator should add the bank account number on the payment options. Finally, the creator are get the payment on their bank account directly.

Earn Money from YouTube by Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is the best platform for any kind of business. Suppose, you have a lots of business ideas and you are ready to invest money. Then, YouTube is the best platform for earnings. There are many e-commerce website who are trying to sell their products. As a result, the company will provide your products and you need to sell products on your channel.

When people from any area buy the products by dealing with you, you will complete the deal with them. The buyer gives you the payment and you should give them your bank account number. Finally, the marketing will be completed and your channel are growing very shortly.

We have given the best information with you. We hope that you should follow the instructions and try to do this properly. Finally, the Nigerian Content Creator are going to get the money. In this way, anyone can change their conditions.

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