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How to Make Money Online in Ethiopia 2023 – Top 10 Easy Way to Earn Money

Now you can earn from online no matter where you live in the world. There are many people who think that it is simple but it is actually completely different. You must work hard and wait for a long time to earn money online. If you look at the countries of the developed world, you will see that they have advanced a lot in terms of information and communication technology, due to which they have been able to earn thousands of dollars per month from the online sector.

Ethiopia is a small country in the African continent. If you want to earn money online, then you must work hard. Today’s discussion is only for citizens of those countries who want to earn from Ethiopia. If you have enough time in your hand and if you can convert this time to work online then you can definitely earn from online.

You may be interested in online jobs to earn extra income while you are engaged in a job or employed. Today’s discussion is very important for you because you will get to know from us detailed information about how to earn from home in Ethiopia by working online. So, if you try to follow the instructions below without wasting time, you will see that you can earn a lot of money every month from here.

Make Money at Home by Starting an Online Shop 

The topic that we are going to share with you at the beginning of the discussion is the most popular one in Ethiopia. If you have internet connection and you have good internet skills then this task will be very easy for you. If you want you can create an online shop especially in the world nowadays people feel comfortable to shop online from sitting at home.

How to Make $500 Dollars Fast 

If you try to sell the products of our daily use through online shopping through various social media Facebook WhatsApp then you can certainly earn thousands of dollars per month from the sector. In this case, you must take the help of social media means you can start an online store through a Facebook page or group.

Make YouTube Videos 

Currently the most popular video sharing platform is YouTube. If you have a basic knowledge of video editing, you can use your skills to create videos on YouTube. First, you will create a YouTube channel. You will have to constantly upload videos on different topics. When different YouTube viewers of the country and abroad watch your videos, you will see that your regular income is starting from there.

But after making a YouTube video, you can earn from it immediately, but here you have to work for a long time and you have to take approval from Google Adsense. If your YouTube channel gets AdSense approved, you will see that various types of advertisements are displayed there and you will be paid in exchange for clicking on that advertisement in any category.

How to Make 1000 in a Day 

In this way, by starting work on YouTube, the more viewers you have, the more you will display the advertisement and depending on the click on the advertisement, the dollars will accumulate in your account. In this way, if you can share YouTube videos on various topics on your YouTube channel, then you will see that at the end of the month, money will accumulate in your account. By creating a YouTube channel like this, keep uploading videos regularly and earn thousands of dollars every month.

Writing & Publishing Books

If you sometimes resist writing, then you can use this talent and start working on various online book selling websites. Because they employ writers to publish their various magazines and books on these websites. You can start working on these websites if you want. A few years ago, people used to sell their books at various book fairs, but nowadays, in this online era, many of us have moved away from reading books.

Because of which you can now sell your own books online and earn thousands of dollars every month by publishing them. Currently this job has become very popular in Ethiopia so you can use this job as a source of your income if you want. Several websites in Ethiopia are currently recharging these topics. Since you have enough time and you are interested in doing these tasks, it will be more important for you to start this task.


The information we will share with you in the discussion is the most popular all over the world including Ethiopia. If you have an internet connected computer then the good news for you is that you can now create a website and start blogging there. In this case you have to buy a domain and after buying the domain you have to publish articles on various topics.

When visitors from home and abroad visit your website and read these articles, you will get the opportunity to display advertisements there after using different types of ad networks. When the ad appears on your website, you will see that there is a click on your ad. If a visitor has clicked on your ad then based on that click your account will be credited with dollars.

By creating a website like this you can start a blogging by publishing articles on various topics there. It will be very easy to earn thousands of dollars per month from your website once the world becomes perfect and regular visitors start coming. You can do this job from anywhere in Ethiopia which is why doing this job online is so much easier that people of any age can start this job.

Make Money Online from PTC Site 

Paid-to-click PTC If you want, now you can watch videos of various websites or YouTube channels by working as a paid member of them and earn huge amount of money every month. There are various websites that hire visitors to their websites to double their income. In this situation, if you can work as their employee, then you will see that at the end of the fish, they will send a large number of dollars from their dividend to your account. At present this work has gained much popularity in Ethiopia due to which many young people are involved in this work.


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