Joypurhat to Jessore Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Bangladesh train is one of the transportation system which is very old. Train is a tradition of our country. So train travel is a very important issue for all people. Train is a vehicle through which people take great pleasure in traveling. And people travel far distances easily by train. Because the train does not get into any kind of jam. As a result of the train journey, the human body does not feel any fatigue. So train is a good mode of transportation for all people.

There are more or less trains running on every route across Bangladesh. These trains have been operated by the state of Bangladesh for a long time. As the train system is government, common people enjoy many benefits. The most important thing among all those benefits is the rent issue. People can reach their destinations with very low fares by train. Which is less than any other vehicle in many parts.

More or less trains are running from Joypurhat to every route in Bangladesh. Similarly, some trains also run from Joypurhat to Jessore. Those trains are very famous trains of Bangladesh.

Trains that run from Joypurhat to Jessore. As the engines of those trains are very powerful, there is no delay in reaching the destination. So those of you who are thinking of traveling by train from Joypurhat to Jessore. They have taken a right decision.

Because you can’t travel this long distance properly by any vehicle other than train. So train is the only way for you to go from Joypurhat to Jessore. Through which you will reach very comfortable Jessore. So let’s know the train schedule from Joypurhat to Jessore.

Joypurhat to Jessore Train Schedule:

Jessore is one of the most popular and well-known regions of Bangladesh. So all the trains that run from Joypurhat to Jessore are given below schedule.

Train Name: Rupsa Express (728)
Departs from Joypurhat at 11:16
Reached Jessore at 17:17
Holiday: Thursday

Train Name: Border Express (748)
Departs from Joypurhat at :21:35
Arrival Jessore Time :02:21
Holiday: Monday

These two trains run on Joypurhat to Jessore route. There is only one day off in a week. You may have noticed it above. You need to go to Jessore by these two trains. You have to be careful at this time. Remember what time the train leaves for Jessore from Joypurhat.

Joypurhat to Jessore Train Fare List:

As train is the official vehicle of Bangladesh. They charge low fares on every route in Bangladesh. Similarly you don’t have to pay much fare to travel from Joypurhat to Jessore. You can travel from Joypurhat to Jessore by train with a minimum of 380 taka.

However, train seats are of different categories. The reason for having different categories is because there are many types of seats. As it has AC, it also has good quality seats. Judging all these pros and cons, the rent is high. Whichever you can afford you can choose that seat.


But no matter which quality seat you take. You have to take ticket according to that seat. The ticket you will get from the station ticket counter. By contacting the ticket counter you will get the ticket according to your preferred seat. Through which you can go from Joypurhat to Jessore. You can easily and enjoy many beautiful moments as a result of train journey.

We hope that after getting the information given by us, you have learned about all the things to do for your Joypurhat to Jessore train journey. So it is expected that there will not be any difficulty in the train journey. The information you have received so far. All this information has been collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway Office. Just hoping to make your train journey beautiful and enchanting.

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