Kalni Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price, Route & Tracking

Kalni Express is an intercity train. Which can be seen moving on different routes of Bangladesh. However, currently the Kalni Express train is constantly running on the Sylhet route from Dhaka. Due to which the people of this route do not have to face any difficulty in commuting.

Train travel is very convenient for people. Because people can enjoy the journey in comfort by traveling in all the trains that operate in Bangladesh. And train journey can be done at very low cost. Which is very affordable for people.

But currently those of you who are thinking of going from Dhaka to Sylhet or want to go from Sylhet to Dhaka. They can travel very easily in this Kalni Express train. This will save you a lot of time and you will be able to travel for very less money.

Kalni Express train is a very damaged train due to which there is no delay in reaching the destination. Because of the speedy train people do not have a boring journey, people can travel happily and reach their destination very easily.

So those of you who want to travel in this Colony Express train. They may not know many. About this train schedule and fare. Which is very important for you to know.

So to know about black nixpress you can read our complete article carefully and know about the train schedule and ticket fare list. Because we have published in this article when the Kalni Express train departs from Dhaka to Sylhet and how much to pay for the train journey. So find out now without further delay. Details about Kalni Express train schedule and ticket fare list.

Kalni Express Train Schedule:

Because the express train has a fixed timing according to which it departs from Dhaka to Sylhet and departs from Sylhet to Dhaka. Below are the operating times of this route.


(Dhaka to Sylhet)
Departure time: 15:00
Arrival time : 21:30
Holiday: Friday

(Sylhet to Dhaka)
Departure time : 06:15
Arrival time : 13:00
Holiday: Friday

Noticed the time you were here. The Kalni Express train operates as per this schedule. So those of you who want to travel in this train should know these times well.

Kalni Express Train Ticket Fare List:

We all know that all the trains that operate in Bangladesh require some amount of fare to travel. Because no vehicle moves without rent.

So definitely Kalni Express train if you want to travel. In that case you have to pay some amount of rent. This Kalni Express train is constantly running from Dhaka to Sylhet. Find out how much rent to pay from which category.


Decorative chair: 320 Tk
First seat: 425 Tk
First berth: 640 taka
Snigdha: 610 Tk
AC seat: 736 Tk
AC Berth : 1099 Tk

There are several cabin categories in which every train passenger will get a chance to travel at different fares due to different amenities. You will buy tickets from any cabin according to your own ability or choice by paying sufficient fare.

Kalni Express Train Tracking:

At present the position of the train is known by a modern system. If you want to know where this Kalni Express train is located. In that case you go to the message option through a mobile phone and type (TR) the name of the train with a space.

Or send the train code. Later you will receive an SMS. Through that SMS you will know where the train is located. This is commonly called trucking.

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