MV Kalam Khan Launch Today Schedule, Contact Number & Ticket Price

MV Kamal Khan Launch Company is one of the largest launch companies in Bangladesh. This launch company is a well known name for those of you who travel from Dhaka to Barisal and from Barisal to Dhaka on regular launches.

This launch company has quite a reputation and they strive to provide maximum service to its customers. Traveling on Bangladeshi launches is a bit unsafe then and MV Kamal Khan Launch Company always tries to give maximum protection to its customers.

The purpose for which we are writing this article today is to take advantage of the fact that most of the passenger launches travel without knowing the mobile number and ticket price. This is a very bad thing. Those of you who want to know this kind of information will get this information from here.

MV Kamal Khan – 1 Launch Schedule

Those of you who did not know the schedule of this launch before can easily know the schedule from here. MV Kamal Khan-1 launch started its journey from Sadarghat launch terminal at 8:30 pm. The launch will reach Barisal and end at 4:00 am.

MV Parabat Launch Schedule & Ticket Price

In the same way, this launch will leave Barisal at the same time the next day for Dhaka. They will arrive in Dhaka at 4:00 in the morning. This is the schedule of this launch.

We want to give you a good idea of ​​where the launches will leave and when they will reach their destination.

MV Kamal Khan Launch Ticket Price

Different fares have been fixed according to the category of different seats. Those who travel regularly by launch may have an idea of ​​the different seating classes. However, those who do not know these things can get complete information from here.

Each ticket on the deck is priced at two hundred rupees. In other words, a ticket price of Rs 200 has been fixed for those who will call and travel.

MV Tipu Launch Schedule & Ticket Price

The fare for those who want to travel in single cabin has been fixed at Rs 850. This means that those who will travel in single cabin will be able to travel from Dhaka to Barisal or from Barisal to Dhaka with 850 rupees.

The rent of double cabin has been fixed at 1600 rupees. For those who want to travel in more than one, i.e. double cabin, the fare is fixed at Rs. 1600 / -.

VIP cabin means VIP cabin for those who want to travel a little better. The rent of this VIP cabin has been fixed at 5000 rupees. So those who want to travel in VIP cabin will be able to travel.

MV Kamal Khan Launch Mobile Number

Now we will give you ideas about the different mobile numbers of the launch of this company and let you know the addresses. You will be given the launch number here along with the mobile number.

  • The mobile number of MV Parabat 2 is 01711 276597.
  • MV Parabat 7’s mobile number is 01711 344745.
  • The mobile number of MV Parabat 8 ​​is 01711 441028.
  • MV Parabat 9’s mobile number is 01711 344747.
  • MV Survi 8’s mobile number is 01711 453989.
  • MV Survi 7’s mobile number is 01711 332014.
  • MV Parabat 11’s mobile number is 01711 330642.

We did our best to gather all the launch information for you. If there is any mistake here, you must try to let us know through the comment box and if you have any information later, let us know.

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