Lalon Paribahan Contact Number & Ticket Price

Roads have been improved a lot by the Ministry of Roads and Communications in Bangladesh. Due to which now all the roads in the interior of Bangladesh are so good in the urban areas as well as in the rural areas that you can now reach any destination in a short time.

Those of you who want to know detailed information about Lalon Transport may have already traveled somewhere through Lalon Transport or are interested in traveling through Lalon Transport. In the case of traveling on a bus, you must know the conditions under which the bus passes and which roads it travels on. These data are usually controlled by code bus services.

Those of you who are interested in traveling through Lalan transport must know the contact number of this transport and the ticket price. For a long time, we have published articles about the contact numbers and ticket prices of all the transports plying on various roads. However, through today’s article, you can only collect detailed information about the contact number and ticket price of Lalon Transport.

Lalon Paribahan Kumarkhali Contact Number

Following Lalon Paribahan route we find that the buses of this transport ply through Kumarkhali due to which people who travel to this area for various work or business purposes are interested to know the contact number of the counter here.


For those people we have published the list of counters available in Lalon Paribahan Kumarkhali and also you can contact here for any kind of technical problem. By calling the counter number they will give you all the information.

Lalon Paribahan Ticket Price

The prerequisite for traveling to any place is that you need to know about the fare of that place so that there is no complication with the fare at the destination you reach. Lalon Transport Authority provides maximum service for their passengers so you can reach Kushtia very comfortably. Still there are many people who are interested to know about the price of Lalan transport tickets.

If you know the price of the ticket, you can easily start this journey through this price. Lalon Transport Authority has fixed the fare at 350 rupees per passenger. This transport has AC operated buses and non AC operated buses. You can travel in any of these buses.

However, the special instruction for you is that the AC operated buses of Lalon Paribahan charge a little more. On the other hand, non-AC operated buses have lower fares which are used by general public. So you also decide the environment or the mode of transportation you want to travel and get on the bus.


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