Lipid Profile Test Price in Bangladesh

Today we will talk about a very valuable test. Wellness is a special blessing of the Creator. We all enjoy the benefits of that blessing. But when we get sick, we realize how difficult it is to be sick.

Today we have come up with all the information of Lipid profile test for you. You can find out about our lipid profile here and what to do if your test report is bad or good. In addition to this, you will finally find out how much it will cost you to test lipid profiles at different public and private levels in Bangladesh.

What is a Lipid Profile Test and Why We Test it?

The lipid profile test is a test to determine the amount of fat in the blood. This test is usually done for those who are overweight and have a lot of heat or pressure problems. It basically tests or quantifies various things in the blood vessels.

Folic acid in blood vessels Different types of vascular diseases and different types of vitamins are diagnosed here. This lipid profile is often tested for chest pain, abnormally fattening, or respiratory problems. If the specialist doctor tells you to do this test then you must do this test.

What to do if the lipid profile is bad?

Lipid profile is a test by which you can identify a number of problems. Many times a simple idea of ​​your heart block can be found through lipid profile test.

However, if the report of the lipid profile test is a little bad in the initial stage, then you can improve the report of this lipid profile test by taking regular medication and some physical work. For this you must see a specialist medicine or heart doctor and change your lifestyle according to their advice.

A lot of unknown information about Lipid profile

There is a lot of information unknown about lipid profiles. Many people think that lipid profile test is a big test and it costs a lot more. Again, think that this test is done through surgery or this test is done by inserting a machine inside the heart. We will now tell you a lot of known and unknown information.

As far as we know, lipid profile test is a very small test which first determines the amount of heart or blood fat. For this you have to not eat for 12 hours. And after a full 12 hours you have to donate blood for the test. You don’t have to do anything else.

You can collect the results of your lipid profile test by waiting for a few hours. However, you must take this test if you have written a doctor’s prescription HSC.

Lipid Profile Test Price

Bangladesh lipid profile testing has become almost common. The number of heart patients has increased tremendously due to the eating habits and lifestyle of our country. The first problem that these patients are diagnosed with is the problem with the lipid profile.


Lipid Profile Test Price ibn Sina 


Lipid Profile Test Price in Popular


Lipid Profile Test Price in Labaid Bangladesh


Lipid Profile Test Price in BSMMU


So you must know how much money is spent on public and private level of Bangladesh to test this lipid profile. The price of Lipid profile has been fixed at Rs 300 officially and Rs 800 privately.

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