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How to Make 500 Naira Daily without Investment

Earning money is one of the most important thing for you as a Nigerian citizen because in life we ​​cannot go without money for a moment. There are many who have not found any job even after graduation. Because of which they are spending the day in a lot of frustration. There are many people who want to earn extra income in addition to working. But whatever your situation may be, your real objective is to earn money.

Although Nigeria is a small country in the African continent, it is currently developed in information and communication technology. Most of the people here are now interested in using the internet due to which there are now many people who are looking for different types of online based jobs. The good news for the people of Nigeria is that we are going to discuss several new means of income for them.

We have shared detailed information about how to earn 500 Naira per day through this article only for them. So those of you who want to earn daily can read our entire article and collect important information from here and use it in your daily life. Because the information provided by us is completely accurate and you can earn money in a short time by working with them faithfully.

How to Make 500 Naira Daily Online Way

In this age of internet we all want to earn money by doing small jobs online. Due to which, at the beginning of the discussion, we have shared details about all the online means of how to earn 500 per day for you. So if you are interested in this matter then you must try to follow the instructions below properly.


9japlugges is a brand new program through which you can now earn passive income from home in Nigeria. You don’t even have to make any kind of investment to work through this website. Now the question is that you need to know about what works on this website. This is usually a post about article writing. Here you can earn money by writing articles as well as by reading on the other hand.

Earn 100 Naira Daily

No separate payment is accepted for registration on this web site i.e. you can complete the registration for free. After working on this website, when your account reaches 10 dollars, you will have the opportunity to withdraw it. Many of you may have wanted to know how to earn money by visiting a website. There are many websites in Nigeria that post different types of blogs. And all these blog posts display different types of advertisements due to which if you are a regular visitor of the website it will be a source of income.

Refer & Earn 500 Naira 

Nigeria currently has various types of applications that if you can share the links of all applications among friends and relatives, you will be paid some money in return. App developers or various multinational companies give an opportunity to earn money by referring the apps they launch for the sake of promoting their company.

There are currently several mobile applications in Nigeria that are given the opportunity to refer for their promotional purposes. If you download these applications on your mobile phone, you will get another referral code. Later, if you instruct someone else to download this application using that code and if that person has registered through the app after downloading, then money will burn in your account.

Make 200 Naira Daily 

In this way if you can refer more than 10 friends and relatives to open their account then you will earn 500 Naira daily in your account. So you understand how easy these tasks are and you can easily earn money by referring. Share your information with your friends and relatives without wasting precious time. After they download your app they will benefit themselves and you will also benefit.

Create a Website

What we will share with you in this part of the discussion is what we usually share through each article. You can earn 500 per day by creating a website from whatever country you are located. Although Nigeria is a small country, the people of this country are interested in using the internet and they search on Google for various information.

If you want, you can create a new website and publish articles on various topics on the site and earn 500 per day with ad network. That is, after posting on your website, you can earn money from it after you have AdSense. You should regularly publish articles on your website.

Thus, if you publish articles regularly on your site, many domestic and foreign visitors will visit your website and click on advertisements. If you can work on your website consistently then you will see very good results and it will be easy for you to earn 500 Naira per day. Thus many Nigerian citizens have become self-reliant by creating their own website.


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