MV Dipraj Launch Schedule, Ticket Price & Contact Number 2023

MV Dipraj is a well-known launch for those who travel by river in different parts of the country, especially from Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal. This launch is winning the hearts of passengers through their service.

The service of MV Dipraj Launch is being provided exclusively for the passengers traveling from Dhaka to Madaripur and from Madaripur to Dhaka. This launch company strives to provide the right service to the passengers at the right time at all times. The reason is that people are making a living with the passage of time, so of course people try a little earlier or how to save time.

These launch companies provide maximum protection to their passengers and there is a maximum allocation of 960 on a launch here. Those of you who want to collect various information of this launch company can find out the information from us here.

MV Dipraj Launch Schedule

Schedule time for this launch. I have already said that there are scheduled launches for those who will travel from Dhaka to Madaripur and from Madaripur to Dhaka and now we bring you the schedule of this launch.

For those passengers who want to launch Madaripur MV Dipraj from Dhaka, the scheduled time is 7:45 pm from Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal. And if all goes well on the journey, the launch will reach Madaripur Launch Terminal at 4:10 am.

The allowance will leave Madaripur at 2:00 pm the next day for Dhaka. If you want you can come from Madaripur to Dhaka on this launch and the scheduled time to reach Dhaka is 8:30 pm.

MV Dipraj Launch Ticket Price

I am now presenting to you the ticket prices or fares of MV Dipraj Launch from Dhaka to Madaripur and from Madaripur to Dhaka according to different seating arrangements.

  • The rent for single cabin is fixed at Rs.500.
  • The rent of double cabin is fixed at 800 Taka.
  • Third class ticket price is 160 Taka.

We have tried to give you the exact price of the launch rental of this company for you. I hope you understand.

MV Dipraj Launch Mobile Number

Traveling by launch is more enjoyable than it is terrifying, especially for Bangladeshi passengers. This is because if we look at the history from the past to the present, we will see that many people have lost their lives due to various big launch accidents at different times.

From that point of view, you must consider the safety aspect in case of launch travel. So no matter which launch you travel on, try to travel on that launch with complete safety. We have collected the mobile number of this launch company for your convenience. The mobile number is 01727 700777.

MB Dipraj launch Break Place

You may have noticed from the schedule that it takes a long time to cross this long way. When traveling from Madaripur to Dhaka or from Dhaka to Madaripur, you will now know the addresses of the places where you can take the opposition. Many times passengers are also picked up from all these ghats. Anyway, let’s find out the real information.

  • Mridharhat
  • Ramchar
  • Picture
  • Darkness
  • Sahebrampur

The addresses we have mentioned for you above will definitely give you a break in the journey to these places along the way. If you want you can meet your other needs here. Of course in that case you need to keep in touch with the launch authority.

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