Dhaka to Rangamati Bus Ticket Price

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh due to which many people travel to Dhaka from every region of Bangladesh. Also, many people from other districts have gone to Dhaka and stayed in Dhaka for various jobs. As always, many people can be seen traveling from Rangamati to Dhaka.

Many people live in Dhaka for various jobs. But whatever the reason. If you want to go to Dhaka or if you want to go from Dhaka to Rangamati. First you will need a vehicle. Through which you can reach Rangamati beautifully.

Many people prefer different types of vehicles. But buses are mostly used by common people than every vehicle. Because buses are more available than other vehicles. Due to which the passengers do not have to get confused about any kind of vehicle or car, you will get the bus at any time.

So for those of you who travel from Dhaka to Comilla regularly, we have found several buses. Through which you can reach Rangamati very easily. You spend most of your time worrying about the bus. About which bus to take or how much is the bad fare.

So today we will discuss several buses in detail for your convenience. You can easily understand from this discussion about Dhaka to Rangamati buses schedule and its ticket price. It also explains in detail what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages. From which you will not have difficulty in understanding the pros and cons.

So many of you may not know which buses run from Dhaka to Rangamati. And buses run occasionally. Below are the names of all those buses and their travel times and fares in detail. Read the entire article carefully and know the things you don’t know about buses.

There are many buses plying from Dhaka to Rangamati and you can catch the work at any time in the morning, noon or afternoon. So for your convenience we are giving details about all these buses.

Dhaka to Comilla Upcoming Buses:

Below we mention some bus names. Which are constantly traveling from Dhaka to Comilla.

S Alam Transport
Unique service
Hanif Enterprises
Shyamali Transport
Ena transport

Also many more buses ply from Dhaka to Comilla. You can come to the counter and travel to Comilla by any bus, you don’t have to worry about the bus. Here are the schedule and ticket prices of all these buses.

Dhaka to Rangamati Bus Schedule:

All the buses plying from Dhaka to Rangamati are subject to change due to which I am not able to tell you the exact time. But you can get the correct information from all the bus counters to go to Rangamati.

Of course every bus passenger needs to know the exact time from the ticket counter. Because if you don’t know the right time, you can never catch the bus. So everyone must be careful about the correct timing of Babas.

Dhaka to Rangamati Bus Fare:

You don’t have to pay much fare to travel from Dhaka to Rangamati if you travel by bus. Buses charge much less than all the road transport vehicles which are very convenient for every person. So if you don’t know how much you have to pay for the buses going from Dhaka to Rangamati. But know immediately according to the following information.

S Alam Transport : 620 Tk
Unique Service : 620 Tk
Hanif Enterprise: 650 Tk
Shyamoli Transport: 650 Tk
Ena Transport : 630 Tk

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