MV Sundarban Launch Today Schedule & Contact Number 2023

The Sundarban is one of the largest launch companies in Bangladesh. The passenger service in the Sundarban is very good and they have built their cabins very nicely. They make launches with passengers in mind when making any launch so they can provide good quality service later on.

They also have adequate manpower to maintain passenger services. If you ever visit the Sundarban launch, you will know that they will drop off their launches at the right time. The launch company also takes into account the safety of passengers and various aspects of safety along the way.

Sundarban Launch Mobile Number

We have already told you that we have tried to give you various information about the launch and to make you happy to know this information. In case of launch journey you must know the mobile number of the launch authority so you can use this number for different needs at different times.

Most of the launches operate on this route from Dhaka to Barisal and from Barisal to Dhaka. We will now try to give you the mobile numbers of several launches in the Sundarban.

MV Sundarban 9 The mobile number of this launch is – 01711 358810.

MV Sundarban 10 Launch Barisal counter ticket booking number is 01711353838 and Dhaka counter number is – 01758 113011.

The Dhaka counter number of MV Sundarban 11 launch is – 01716 444367, and the Barisal counter number is 01711 358838. Also the direct launch number is 01718 664700.

MV Sundarban Launch Ticket Price

Each vehicle has a different type of seating arrangement and according to this seating arrangement the ticket price or fare is basically determined. The launches of the Sundarban Company have several classes of seating and you can now find out the fare according to the seating arrangement of each of these trains from here. However, you may want to keep in mind that rents may change due to rising commodity prices.


  • Launch deck or floor rent has been fixed at Rs.
  • The rent of the launch sofa has been fixed at 600 rupees.
  • The rent of double cabin has been fixed at 1800 rupees and double AC cabin has been fixed at 2000 rupees.
  • The rent for single cabin has been fixed at Rs 900 and for single AC cabin it has been fixed at Rs 1000.
  • The fare for VIP Two in One has been fixed at Rs 6,000.
  • The rent for a VIP bed has been fixed at Rs.5000.
  • The rent of VIP Duplex has been fixed at Rs. 7000 thousand.
  • The rent of Small VIP has been fixed at Rs. 4000 and Rs. 3500.
  • Saukhin’s rent has been fixed at 3500 rupees.

MV Sundarban Launch Schedule

MV Sundarban launches have a scheduled schedule and these launches usually operate according to this schedule. We now present to you the complete schedule.

The launch started its journey from Sadarghat Launch Terminal to Barisal and reached Barisal at 8:30 pm and 4:30 am.

And the launch that leaves Barisal for Dhaka departs from Barisal launch station at exactly the same time at 8:30 pm and arrives in Dhaka at 4:10 am.

The schedule we mentioned to you is that in many cases the schedules change from time to time. Also the launch schedule usually changes depending on the weather and natural disasters. So before you start the journey, you must contact the numbers given above and plan the journey.

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