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Online Income Apps in Bangladesh 2024 Per Day 500 Taka Payment bKash

Today we are going to discuss some of the most popular mobile applications of the time with which you can earn money from home. Dear friends, due to the advancement of information technology we are currently looking for jobs online. Because Bangladesh is a small country and unemployment has become a major problem here. You can earn a lot of money online by working in your spare time.

There are various ways to earn money through various types of advertisements and social media. But keep in mind that it is impossible to make money without a trusted source, because a group of fraudsters is trying to put people in danger by trapping them in various ways.

In this case, we have doubts about which way to make money, but there is no reason to be disappointed. Today we are introducing some of the mobile applications that you can use to make money and withdraw money by developing the most popular mobile banking service in the country.

Online Income Apps in Bangladesh

App developers in Bangladesh have been releasing different types of applications for a long time. On the other hand, various multinational companies are promoting their products by signing agreements with different types of applications for their advertising.

As a Bangladeshi, earning money can be very difficult for you. But if you are an app developer and have a good idea about creating mobile applications then you can use this skill to earn money. We will now give you a detailed idea of ​​the most popular online income applications available during this part of the discussion.

Taka Income Korar Game Apps

Bkash Apps BD Online Income

Developing the most popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh We usually use this banking service for money transactions. But did you know that it is possible to earn money with this development app. Today we have presented to you a fancy method by which you can earn money from bKash.

If you are not a bKash user, install the official bKash mobile application now and complete the registration with the mobile app. If you register for bKash with bKash app, you will get 100 taka bonus as soon as you register.

Best Earning App without Investment

bKash develops new campaigns each year for the reproduction of their applications. This year, they have announced through a new campaign that if a person shares the link to install the bKash application with another friend, he will be able to earn Rs 10 per referral through referrals. That means you can earn money from there by referring to bKash application.

If you are using the bKash application, you will see that there are opportunities to play different games. There is a game in bKash which is commonly known as bKash bird game. The official logo of bKash is flying in the sky and if you protect it from falling down, you will get points and there is a chance to get 10 rupees for breaking this point.


The service is one of the best mobile apps to earn money. Usually app developers in Bangladesh have made this application for different purposes. Do you know how to earn money with Seba Bondhu app? Although it is not possible to earn money directly with this app, the authorities pay some amount for the promotion of the app in exchange for referring a user. So if you refer any of your friends to use and download this app, money will be credited to your account.

Game Khele Taka Income

BD Cash

If you have heard the name BD Cash this application then you can earn money through this application by following some very simple methods. In order to earn money, first you need to open this app and register yourself with all the information of this app.

Then after entering the app you will see different types of video ads. You will be instructed to watch the video continuously for 30 seconds. Keep in mind that after you watch the 30 second video, points will continue to accrue to your account.

Earn Money by Playing Free Fire Game

In addition to watching video ads, you can earn money by referring this app through friends and relatives for the sake of promotion. If a friend downloads this application with your referral link, your profile will be 45.1 and 15 points will be added to the account of your friend who will open new account. This way a user will have the opportunity to collect 510 points.

ShopUp Resell

Bangladesh has recently launched a new mobile application called shop up resell. You can use this app if you want to sell any of your used old products. Because you can sell any kind of product through this app, so if you want to buy a good product at a low price, then you must install this app on your phone. Now the question is how to make money using this app.

In the interest of the app developer, the download link of this app has been shared among the users and their intention is that if they can refer it, they will be paid 15 rupees per referral. I think a person can share a maximum of 10 referral links and you can easily earn money this way.


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