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60+ Online Jobs for 12 Year Olds | Summer, Winter Jobs That Pay

A country and a nation will be more developed when every citizen of that country starts earning money from an early age. Usually due to our education system money is hindered in income. But there are developed countries that usually make their citizens interested in earning money from an early age.

If you are 12 years old and looking for a job, good news for you is that there is a special scheme for you to earn money along with education separately. We have listed here some part time jobs that you can easily do and earn money as a 12 year old teenager.

For those of you who want to earn money from the age of 12, we have published several online job lists here. Generally all these jobs are provided according to your educational qualification. So you must try to make calls from online by reading the entire article.

Online Jobs for 12 Years Olds

At the age of 12, usually in the middle of our education, we spend a lot of time busy with our studies. However, there are many who are interested in earning money as education students and think that they can do something good in the future. For those who are more aware of the future, our today’s article where online jobs are scheduled for 12 years is published here.


Providing special opportunities for teenagers Various multinational companies have issued special guidelines for hiring their authors. If you can be a good writer, you can work for a long time as a writer for various websites and magazines.

In fact, if you can be an author then these companies will give you a part time job and you have to write regularly in their magazines and journals. Even if you are not affiliated with different companies, you can still earn money by publishing your own book and selling it in the online marketplace.


Blogging is the most popular way to earn money these days. By creating a covered website, it is possible to earn money regularly by adding various types of ad networks by publishing regular articles on the website. But you have to create your own website and there you have to post all the keywords that are searched by people on Google on a regular basis.

Your blog posts will be visited by visitors from different countries and ads will appear on your web page. If you click on the ad, you will be paid. If you want to take your blog as a career then you can start this work from the age of 12.

Logo Designer

At a young age, many people have the hobby of creating different types of logos. Various companies, government and private organizations all over the world map regularly hire logo designers from various online marketplaces to create official logos for their organizations. If you can become a professional logo designer then you are getting the opportunity to earn money from the age of 12 only.

We can safely say that as a young person designing logos will be very easy for you and if you have creativity in you then you can use this skill to create new feature logos everyday. Their companies can hire you as their employee where you can do part time job.

Summer Jobs for 12 Years Old

We get summer vacation as a long break in education life. At this time, due to the closure of our educational institutions for a long time, we get a lot of free time. Every time is very precious for us and if we want we can use this free time to earn money by doing various jobs. As part of the discussion we have mentioned to you several summer programs that are suitable for 12 year olds.


If you have been interested in painting since childhood, then if you have this skill, you can earn money from the age of 12 by painting different natural scenes in your spare time. Your painting or drawing is currently being purchased on various online marketplaces where you can sell your hand-made images. So draw pictures on different subjects in your spare time and sell them and earn money from the age of 12.

Car Washer 

S8 Image You can do part time job in different companies as a Car Washer. In this case, if you want, you can start a car washing company in your own home where you will clean your car regularly. Due to the high number of car users in the developed world, they have very little time to wash their cars. Because of which they usually wash cars regularly from these shops.

Dog Walking Jobs 

Business people and employees in the developed world usually keep pet dogs at home. But because they do not have enough time, they cannot take care of their dogs. Due to which, it is not possible for many people to make the dog walk on the street regularly every afternoon.

As a teenager you can take these people’s dogs for walking in the afternoon or morning. By doing this, the owners of these dogs will give you some money. If you do this then you have two benefits together, you have the opportunity to earn money as well as travel to different places of interest.

Babysitting Jobs

Due to busy work there are many parents who cannot nurture their children properly. It is very important to keep a person at home to take care of babies especially 6 to 7 months old. You can do this job as a babysitting job as a teenager so that you can take these children to different places to take care of them.

We can confidently say that it can be a safe and easy way to earn money for you. So by making your personal CV by establishing contact with different families you can pick this job. We believe that you can earn money by babysitting.

Many of the above information can be read online jobs as a 12 year old teenager. We think that you can easily find a job online by following the information provided by us. There will be many storms in the job market that will help you earn money. We will publish the list in a later article.


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