Parbatipur to Jessore Train Schedule & Ticket Price

As the train is the official vehicle of Bangladesh, every person of this country enjoys the great benefits of transportation. The facilities are not possible in any other vehicle except train. Bangladesh trains are state run. Therefore, no irregularity or chaos can be expected in train movement. Trains have been running on every route following the orders and restrictions given by the Bangladesh Railway authorities.

Which is very convenient for people. And money has been enjoying all these benefits for a long time. Apart from each route, many intercity trains are also plying from Parbatipur to Jessore route at present. Due to which people have benefited a lot. Moreover, intercity trains are known as the best quality trains in Bangladesh. Intercity trains have many advantages. For example, you can sleep on the journey.

Also, food, prayers and even entertainment are available in intercity trains. Through which your train journey will be more beautiful. Also some mail express trains are running on Parbatipur to Jessore route, these trains are high speed and high quality trains of Bangladesh. So those of you who are thinking of going to Jessore from Parbatipur. Train is the only mode for them. Through which you will reach Jessore comfortably.

So those who are thinking of going to Jessore from Parbatipur. This article is very important for them. Because here you will get various information about Parbatipur to Jessore train schedule and ticket fare. Which is very important for you to know. Know about Parbatipur to Jessore intercity train schedule.

Parbatipur to Jessore Train Schedule:



Train Name Rupsa Express (728)
Departure from Parbatipur: 10:00 hrs
Reached Jessore at 17:17
Holiday: Thursday

Name of the Train: Border Express (748)
Departure time from Parbatipur: 20:10
Reach Jessore at :02:51
Holiday: Monday

Here are the two intercity trains you have noticed and their timetables. Both of these operate from Parbatipur to Jessore according to specific timings. If you still want to go to Jessore by these trains, then know that these times will be good.

Parbatipur to Jessore Train Schedule:
(Mail Express)

Train Name Rocket Express (24)
Departs from Parbatipur at 09:10
Reach Jessore at 22:25
Holidays: No

This mail express train is a very famous train of Bangladesh. This mail express train runs as per its schedule on Parbatipur to Jessore route. Due to which the passengers of this train do not have to face any kind of suffering with the train. Passengers can catch these trains only if they arrive at the station on time. So if you want to travel from Parbatipur to Jessore by this mail express train. But know these times well.

Parbatipur to Jessore Train Ticket Price & Online Booking

Trains currently charge the lowest fares among all modes of transport in Bangladesh. And this facility has been given by Bangladesh Railway office which is managed according to the government. You don’t have to pay much fare to travel from Parbatipur to Jessore. You can go for the fare that is fixed by them.


The lowest fare you can get to Jessore is Rs.310. In exchange of this 310 taka rent, you will get a seat from the decorative section. Which is the lowest seating arrangement. And if you want to travel from Parbatipur to Jessore with maximum fare then you have to pay Rs.1115 fare. In return you will get seat from AC berth category. Which is the highest seat section of the train.

By now you might have got all the information about Parbatipur to Jessore route train. By this article of ours. So I think you will not face any difficulty in train movement on this route. All the information you got from our article. All this information is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway. We disclose all these information only for you.


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