Dhaka to Sitakunda Bus Ticket Price

Sitakunda is a very famous place in Bangladesh. Which is very well known as a tourist center all over Bangladesh including foreign countries. Many people visit Sitakunda every year. Because there is a very beautiful place in Sitakunda. As you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains while there are several small and big mountains bordering the sea.

Due to which many tourists visit Sitakunda regularly to get in touch with nature. However, there may be many of you who are thinking of going to Sitakunda. But you have made a very good decision. By going to Sitakunda you can enjoy the pure touch of nature there. But you need a vehicle to get there.

Because you can never walk from Dhaka to Sitakunda so to go there you need a specific vehicle you can reach through Chiti smoothly and beautifully. So it is very important to travel there in quality environment because Sitakunda is very far from Dhaka. So if you don’t choose a good vehicle.

In that case it will become very dangerous or risky for you to go there. So as a standard mode of transport I would suggest you to choose bus as there are many buses plying from Taka to Sitakunda in which you can enjoy the environment and reach Sitakunda very easily.

Almost many AC buses ply from Dhaka, not only AC but there are several buses which ply regularly to Sitakunda. Through which you can go to Sitakunda very easily. But you need to know which buses ply from Dhaka to Sitakunda and you need to know the timings and ticket prices of all those buses in detail.

But many people don’t know which buses travel from Dhaka to Sitakunda and about it. So for your convenience we have published this article so that you can find accurate information about Dhaka to Sitakunda buses. Know all the unknown facts about these buses without delay.

Buses from Dhaka to Sitakunda

Some of the very famous buses of Bangladesh ply from Dhaka to Sitakunda Ruti. Below are the names of the trees in which you can enjoy a very quality journey.

Saint Martin Transport, Green Line Transport, Honeypotter Prize, Saudia Coach Service, Tuba Line. All these works are constantly moving from Dhaka to Sitakunda route.

So you need to know the exact schedule and fare of these buses. Because if you do not know the correct information about these buses. Then you will not be able to take all the buses from Dhaka to Sitakunda properly. So check the bus schedule and fare list according to the information given below.

Dhaka to Sitakund Bus Schedule:

All the buses that you have come to know about above have a specific timing for their operation. If you do not know these times. But you have to know in advance from the ticket counter which bus runs at which time.

And you can go to Sitakunda from any bus according to your timing. But you must know the correct information about the ticket. And every one of you has to buy the ticket to travel on these buses. Passengers have to face various problems by going to the ticket counter. So if you can know the information about the ticket well.

However, you don’t have to face any difficulty while buying tickets at the ticket counter.

Saint Martin Transport: Fare 1500 Tk
Green Line Transport: Fare 1550 Tk
Honeypatter Prize: 1400 Tk
Saudia Coach Service: Fare 1400 Tk
Tuba Line: Fare 1380 Tk

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