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PayPal Games that Pay Real Money in Nigeria

We all will stay for a long time about the fact that money can be earned, but after earning money, there is a special rule for withdrawing that money. There are several app websites that usually use PayPal to withdraw the money you earn by working on their app.

While it is easy to activate a PayPal account in European countries, it is very difficult to receive payments through a PayPal account in several countries outside of Europe. As a Nigerian you must want to earn money because your country is an underdeveloped country.

Recently, Nigerian app developers have launched the best mobile games. Since these games are online based, you can easily earn money by playing the games. If we consider playing games only as a means of spending leisure time, it is really surprising that nowadays you can earn money by playing these games.

Today we are going to have a special discussion for Nigerians where we will mention the names of several games that you can earn money through PayPal after playing. So you must read our entire article and try to follow the important information that we have presented for you properly.

Best PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

You will be familiar with different types of game applications on the internet that are being given special opportunities to earn money. Most apps work together, but you can’t accept payments because you don’t have a PayPal account. To avoid this situation, we are currently going to discuss some of the best PayPal games that will give you the opportunity to earn real money.


Mistplay is an online based game where you can easily find the application in the Google Play Store and after installation you will get several dollars added to your account just by signing up. The app primarily targets users looking to earn a good amount of money from playing games. However, Mistplay pays you the amount depending upon how much time you give to play the game.

Daily Task Earn Money in Nigeria 

Various tournaments are organized through this app and if you participate in all those tournaments and win then you will be given coupons. By using the coupon you can later accept it through PayPal. Apart from withdrawing money, you can do all the online shopping from Amazon Flipkart.


In this part of the discussion, we are going to give you information about another fun application that you can easily install on the Google Play Store. You can earn money not only by playing games but also by watching advertisement videos etc. through this app you can earn money very easily.

Watch Videos & Earn Money

If you sign up in the Toluna gaming app, you will be shown the upcoming surveys you have and you can participate in various tournaments that you join in your upcoming events. If you can win by playing these games then the points will be accumulated in your account and you can withdraw the points later through PayPal.


Lucktastic features ultimate PayPal cash games such as scratch cards, daily spinning wheel, casino-based games, and code-cracking tasks. After downloading this app you need to register and create a profile. After creating your own profile, different types of games will be displayed in front of you in which you have to participate.

If you can win the game correctly then your profile will have regular money. If you have more than 10 dollars accumulated in your account, you can later withdraw it through PayPal. This application has gained particular popularity in Nigeria today.

Wizards of OZ Slots

For those of you who like adventure games, this online based game will play a special role. This game is made in the light of a popular novel and movie so you can easily pass the different levels of this game. After passing each level you will be given a certain amount of money which you can easily withdraw through PayPal.

Once you win, you get a chance to score thousands of points every day and participate in the app’s slot machine game. You will reach different places by playing this game step by step and your profile will accumulate money. In this way, you can earn money online by playing adventure games very easily.


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