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The Social Security Organization (officially abbreviated as SOCSO) is a Malaysian government agency established to administer and implement the social security scheme under the Workers’ Social Security Act 1969. It is a popular social welfare organization in Malaysia controlled by the government. This organization is playing an important role in the development work all over the world including Malaysia. Although Malaysia is an economically developed country, there are currently many people living below the poverty line.

This organization is playing an important role in the improvement of their economic condition and various social developments. If you want to contact them for any reason and you have any financial crisis then you are going to get loan from this institution. Perkeso has always committed itself to human development and all the employees working here are always committed to human welfare.

This developmental organization is run by the government yet no developmental works are exempted here. Perkeso is playing a great role in solving all the problems that our society has due to which many people who suffer from social problems usually want to contact them. It is very important to know the contact numbers they have or the online means of communication.

Today’s article may be of particular importance to you if you want to collect the information we have provided. Because we are going to share with you all branches of Perkeso that have contact numbers, besides their hotline numbers, the easy way to contact them has been mentioned. From your own part, you choose any number according to your convenience and then you speak and tell about your problem.

We hope that their officers who are working will contact you and they will try to solve your problem in a short time. So without wasting time follow our instructions collect the number from the below section and contact Perkeso customer service center to report your problem. We believe that all the problems you have will be solved in a very short time.

Perkeso Hotline Number

This Malaysian organization has long contributed to the development of the people. Due to which, if we fall into any kind of social complications, we can easily get our solution by contacting them through the government to get out of this situation. Despite the fact that Malaysian people are more aware, they suffer from various social complications.

This organization is playing an important role in overcoming this situation. Perkeso has been able to create an institution of their own for the whole of Malaysia and as a result they have now been able to improve from all their social institutions. If you want to contact them for any reason, then you must contact the hotline number that they have and tell about your problem.

E-mail : perkesoat symbol emel small
Tel : 1-300-22-8000

But the sad thing is that many of us do not know this information due to which they cannot collect the appropriate information that will solve the problem of where and how to communicate even after having many problems. Today’s article is only important for those who are looking for their hotline number because we are able to publish it here. Get your preferred number from below and present your problem to them by contacting them directly.

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