Dhaka To Chandpur Launch Schedule, Ticket Price & Contact Number

Launch is the most used vehicle to travel from Dhaka to Chandpur. Since river travel is more and it takes a lot of time to travel by other means, most of the passengers travel by launch from Dhaka to Chandpur or from Chandpur to Dhaka.

Information technology has improved and now we can see online ticketing system in countries like Bangladesh. But so far no information technology has touched this precious sector of Bangladesh. If anyone wants any information about this, they can’t find it.

You know we work with different types of information so this time we are working to provide benefits to all types of launch passengers in Bangladesh. Today’s article will basically contain all the information of the launch for the passengers traveling from Dhaka to Chandpur and from Chandpur to Dhaka.

Chandpur Launch Schedule & Mobile Number from Dhaka

Many of you may not know that if you want to travel from Dhaka to Chandpur river, you have to cover about 115 kilometers. The launch is scheduled to cross this 115 km route in about five hours. We will now give you information on which launch and at what time you will be able to travel this journey.

MV Al Borak

MB Al-Borak Company has a launch from Dhaka to Chandpur. The service of this launch is of fairly good quality. The launch will leave Dhaka at 6 am from Dhaka Sadarghat and reach Chandpur at 11 am. This launch operates every day with no holidays. The mobile number of this launch is – 01818 002029.

MV Sonar Tori

There is a high quality launch called MV Sonar Tari that can take you from Dhaka to Chandpur. The MV Sonar Tari Launch is scheduled to leave Dhaka at 7:15 am and the launch is scheduled to reach Chandpur at 11:05 am. The mobile number of MV Sonar Tari Launch is – 01716 501067.

Eagle 3

There has been a launch called Eagle Three which will take you on a regular journey from Dhaka to Chandpur. For your convenience this launch will leave from Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal at 9 am and if all goes well then the scheduled time for this launch to reach Chandpur is 11:05 minutes. In case of any special need you can contact the mobile number of this launch. Mobile number is – 01716 501067.

MV Rof Rof

If you want, you can take this launch and travel regularly from Dhaka to Chandpur. If you want to board this very good quality launch from Dhaka to Chandpur, the journey will start at 9:30 am and will end at 11:05 am. For your convenience, their mobile number is – 01818 002029.

Ab-E-Jam Jam

If you want, you can board this very good quality launch and travel regularly. The launch will leave Dhaka Sadarghat at 10:10 am and reach Chandpur at 1:15 pm. This mobile number for collecting your information is mentioned here – 01714 248589.

  • Chandpur launch fare from Dhaka
  • From here you can know how much is the fare for different types of launches from Dhaka to Chandpur.
  • The rent for the third class floor has been fixed at 70 rupees.
  • The rent for the chair has been fixed at 100 rupees.
  • The rent for AC chair has been fixed at 150 rupees.
  • The rent has been fixed at Rs 300 for single cabin and 350tk for AC single cabin as well as Rs 600 for double cabin and Rs 700 for AC double cabin.
  • The fare has been fixed at Rs 1500 in VIP.

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