Dhaka IDB Bhaban Off Day 2024 | Weekend Close Day

The IDB Bhaban is the most popular of all the major electronic markets in Dhaka city. Every day thousands of people from Dhaka city as well as outlying areas come to this technology related marketplace to buy new products and problems with their electronics devices.

Science, however, if you want to come to this marketplace for any work, it is very important to know the days before the Dhaka IDB Bhaban is closed and its activities are open before entering here. On the basis of today’s article you will be able to know all the detailed information about the offday of Dhaka IDB Bhaban and also we have presented some detailed information about what kind of shops and products are available in this market place.

So the good news for those of you who are looking for this valuable information on the internet is that we have contacted the authorities of Dhaka IDB Bhaban and published their complete information through our website. We hope you find the solution to all the information you are looking for through our website.

Dhaka IDB Bhaban

At the beginning of the discussion, we would like to introduce you to the IDB Bhaban in Dhaka. The IDB Bhaban is typically a technology-based marketplace located at 999,000 square feet across an area of ​​100,000 square feet. The IDB Bhaban is also known as BCS Computer City. It is located in Agargaon, Dhaka.

Shyamoli Square Off Day

This place has provided employment to various unemployed people as there are various technology-based shops where young people are constantly being offered job opportunities. If you need a computer or a mobile device, you can contact this market directly as it is a marketplace where you can find all the technology equipment in the country.

IDB Bhaban Off Day

For those of you who are interested in learning about the day off of the IDB building on the Internet, I would like to say that the Dhaka IDB building authorities have recently updated all their information. Which is why we’ve published all your new information here. This popular IDB building usually opens at ten o’clock in the morning and closes at eight o’clock at night. To help you out, we’ve published a short list of IDB Bhaban of the day.

Lalbagh Kella Off Day

BCS Computer City Weekly Close Day

Due to traffic problems, Dhaka City Corporation authorities have divided IDB building into 6 zones. According to the zone, IDB Bhaban is closed on Sunday for a full day. And later on Monday for a half day.


IDB Bhaban BD Holiday

Only IDB Bhaban are officially closed on all the national festivals of Bangladesh. We do not want your precious time to be wasted on the holiday market. So to help you, we have published the holiday list of the IDB building here.

21st February, 26th March, 14th April, 1st May, Shab e Barat, Eid Ul Fitr (5 days), Eid Ul Azha (5 days ), 16th December.

IDB Bhaban Agargaon Weekend

IDB Bhaban is located in Agargaon, Dhaka, the largest technology marketplace in Bangladesh. The IDB building in Agargaon has been closed for some time. Due to people from different parts of the country coming to this marketplace and selling their electronic devices, the traffic on the roads of Dhaka is very heavy and to avoid this, Dhaka City Corporation IDB Bhaban has fixed one day off a week. So if your destination is the IDB building, be sure to check out the weekly vacation before traveling here.

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