Qatar Driving School List 2023 with Course Fees

Qatar is the most popular among Middle Eastern countries. Due to the huge demand for currency here, there are many people who migrate to this country for various purposes. Especially from several countries in Asia and Europe, millions of people are migrating to Qatar every year for their work. Driving is one of the most in-demand jobs in Qatar. The good news for you is that you can earn millions of rupees a month by driving in Qatar.

However, before being employed as a driver in Qatar, you must obtain a driving license from that country and enroll in a driving course. That is why it is important to learn driving regularly after enrolling in all the driving schools in Qatar. There are many of you who are interested in learning driving in Qatar but are not aware of where and how to learn.

In order to inform you, we have discussed the list of driving schools in Qatar and what they offer and how much they charge for driving lessons. So if you are interested in learning driving then you can still enroll in driving school in Qatar and learn driving and make yourself self-employed.

Best Driving School in Qatar

The government of Qatar has established driving schools in every departmental city with the aim of engaging every person in the country in order to bring back the economic condition of their country. Due to which you can now easily learn driving from any school while staying in Qatar. Here are some of the reputed driving schools in Qatar for those expats all over the world who are located in Qatar and want to learn driving.

The following section mentions the names of some of the best driving schools in Qatar for your information. In these schools, the detailed information on how to learn driving and the fees to be paid is shared. You can become a skilled driver by choosing any of these schools and completing the course from your nearest place. You must be a skilled driver to drive truck-bus mini truck etc on the roads of Qatar.

Driving School Fees in Qatar

In the above section we have mentioned several driving school names for you, you can learn driving from any place near you. For your convenience I would like to tell you that you will have to pay a certain amount of money as a fee for those of you who will enroll in all the schools with the aim of becoming a competent driver.

You have to pay the fee at the time of registration and you are required to pay the course fee every month or every six months. Driving schools usually teach driving courses of 6 months duration and 1 year duration. You can enroll in these courses and your admission will be completed by paying the fee.

Al Khebra Driving School Fees


Dallah Driving School Fees


Karwa Driving School Fees

For those of you who want to know about driving schools, here we have mentioned the name of each school and how much it will cost to learn driving in these schools. So enroll in the school of your choice and start working as a skilled driver after admission in the driving school.

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