SB Super Deluxe Ticket Counter Number, Ticket Price & Schedule

Powerful engine-driven buses are constantly running from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, under the supervision of various bus services. Among all comfort and safety services in Bangladesh, SB Super Deluxe is the eternal anthem of our journey. Those of you who are interested in traveling safely by road can certainly travel from one end of the country to the other through this bus.

SB Super Deluxe Bus Authority has launched more than 100 to connect passengers with every district within the country. Every day from morning to night these buses are traveling on different routes of Bangladesh carrying lakhs of passengers. Due to the improved roads in Bangladesh, you can reach your destination in a short time by bus.

Before traveling by any bus, it is very important to know the bus schedule, ticket price and arrival time of the bus. On the other hand, if you face any problem or know any information, then you can contact the counter and collect all the information.

We have published all the information like ticket counter number, ticket price and schedule of SB Super Deluxe Bus through our website like other bus services for a long time. If you want you can collect your valuable information from below and travel through this bus.

SB Super Deluxe Ticket Counter Contact Number

SB Super Deluxe Bus Owners Authority has spread their buses all over the country. So those of you who want to travel by this bus can easily get our contact number from here. There are many people who are searching the contact number of SB Super Deluxe ticket counter on the internet for them we have listed the contact number from the authority.

Location: Beside Gate BRTC Bus Dipo Kallyanpur, Dhaka


Number: 01841000026, 01841000036

So for those of you who need these numbers, they must collect them from here and know all the information that is very important for you to know. Authorities can change the location of their counter at any time, in this case their mobile number can also be changed.



SB Super Deluxe Ticket Price

If you want to travel by comfortable vehicle then SB Super Deluxe is going to be the best mode for you. Because this bus authority has been able to create a comfortable and safe journey for their passengers. Due to which there are many people who want to travel by these vehicles regularly and before traveling they are interested to know about the ticket price. For your information, we have mentioned here the ticket prices of SB Super Deluxe.


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